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Extension Meetings

Cook County Executive Council Meeting - November 14, 2008

Friday November 14, 2008 • 11:30 AM

This meeting has passed.

Pre-meeting began with a buffet lunch at 11:30a.m.

Meeting called to order at 12:21pm by the council president.

Meeting Attendance: Dr. Jack Brar, Yvonne Brown, Willene Buffett, Julie Emerick, Eric Hankins, Prentiss Jackson, Art King, Marva King, Gwendolyn Mastin, Joshua Morris, June Price, Larry Reynolds, Collette Schrank, and Karen Sweatt

Gwendolyn Mastin welcomed everyone and introduced herself as the chair of the council.

Because there were new members present each person introduced themselves. Eric Hankins and Joshua Morris were present on behalf of Jeremiah Johnson. They came to form an alliance with the University of Illinois Extension. Their Charter School in Richton Park will open next year. Their focus is mentoring males through vision, purpose, and character. The audience that they are pursuing is adolescents thirteen to nineteen years of age.

Eric Hankins and Joshua Morris were the only two new people and everyone else introduced themselves by name and title.

After the introductions Gwendolyn Mastin motioned to have Colette Schrank to be in charge of taking minutes in future meetings (the recording secretary, Dr. Lisa Messinger, MD resigned because of the change in meeting dates and locations). Dr. Jack Brar seconded. Motion passed with all approving.

Old Business:

Minutes: Gwendolyn Mastin asked everyone to read the minutes for any necessary corrections. By acclamation the previous meeting minutes were approved as written.

Membership: There was a discussion regarding increasing membership of the council. Willene indicated that the minimum roster should consist of not less than 25 members and given the total population of the county, we can increase that minimum.

Colette Schrank will work with Willene to assist in recruiting new members to the council. Willene will mail informational packets to Colette and the two will work toward soliciting new members. Council members were asked to provide names of potential new members to Willene so that her office can make contact.

21st Century Plan: Gwendolyn Mastin requested that Willene briefly review the approved revised 21st Century Plan (found in the folders) with members. Willene indicated that council members should take note of the organizational structure as this was the major change along with the listing of educational position. She further explained that all positions were not filled and given the existing state of the state budget these may not be filled.

Gwendolyn Mastin suggested that a folder be developed that entitles all the rules and bylaws which defines the council. Thus creating a structure that can be followed which will allow the meetings to be more beneficial. Willene Buffett noted that the binder received by all council members included these duties. Willene will review these again with members at the next council meeting.

New Business:

Review Plan of Work: Yvonne Brown gives a brief overview the program planning process. Everyone received a packet with the information of the plans of work for program year 08-09. Yvonne Brown explains briefly the contents of materials in the council member's folders, I) Civic Engagement and Economic Development, 2) Urban Community Health, 3)Urban Horticulture, Environment and Natural Resources, and 4) S.T.E. M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The packet of materials also included "Science on the Go!" The Science Mobile lab is one of the largest attractions to schools throughout Illinois and has received incredible reports and evaluations.

Gwendolyn Matsin interjects with a request to partake in a utilizing the Mobile Science Lab at one of her connections that she is affiliated with. Gwendolyn asks Yvonne Brown how she can request for the "Mobile Science Lab" to tour at one of her events. Gwendolyn would particularly like to have the Mobile Science Lab on "Martin Luther King's Birthday," so three-hundred children would able to exhibit the bus.

Yvonne informs everyone of the process of reserving the "Mobile Science Lab." Yvonne states that there is a waiting list to reserve a spot because the Mobile Science Lab is high in demand. It has appeared on channel seven news and many other avenues due to its uniqueness.

Marva King also interludes and states that she has made an appearance on the "Mobile Science Lab" and had an awesome experience. Marva says that not only was the dynamics of the bus was fundamentally created, but even the bus driver appeared to be enthusiastic about the production of the bus.

Program Committee Structure: Gwendolyn wanted to know how program advisory committees were functioning. Yvonne said that she had not been able to meet with her team due to her injury. The meetings need to be condensed as well as structured to the point where all members are well informed about the current topics.

Committee Reports:

  1. Membership: See statement earlier regarding Colette and Willene working on increasing membership.
  2. Marketing: Prentice did not have a report.
  3. Needs Assessment: Dr. June Price chairs this committee and they too did not have a report for this month. She and Yvonne will be meeting to best determine how to move forward with this committee.
  4. Other: ESAC: Art King will serve as liaison to the county council as he is a member of the Extension State Advisory Committee. This committee is made up of volunteers from around the state who are representative of the regions. They serve to be the voice of the people who informs the director of Extension (Dr. Campion) about various program needs and challenges for the state residents. Copies of minutes from previous state meetings are within the council folders. Art says that they have had a meeting in August and they would not be meeting again until February. Art also talked briefly about the previous trips to Washington D.C.

Program Review: Willene proceeded to inform everyone about the program review. She stated that every four to five years the counties around the state have what is called an internal program review. Willene had requested either April or May or shortly thereafter for this review. As of this meeting she had not heard from the state office if the request was approved. The purpose of the review is to seek a broad base view of the local programs, and to use the information to improve the quality and scope. The intent is to identify strengths and weaknesses and to recommend specific changes where needed. As soon as the dates are confirmed Willene will notify the council of next steps.

Art King says that the funding is here so we really do not want to miss out on opportunities to further addresses certain issues. These issues should be brought up in the next meeting; we should not wait until the spring.

Council Evaluation forms:

Gwendolyn Mastin requested that everyone complete the green 'Meeting Evaluation' sheet and turn in to Willene Buffett by the end of the meeting. The yellow 'Roles of Extension Council Members' sheet also needed to be completed and mailed to Willene Buffett at her office in Matteson, no later than December 15.

Next Meeting Date:

Friday, January 30th is the next meeting at the same time 11:30a.m.-1:30p.m., at the District 5 office conference room.

Gwendolyn Mastin closes with an appreciation to everyone for their input and concerns. Mr. King you and Tanesha Pittman (members of the ESAC committee) will be invited to our next meeting. So I wish everyone a good weekend, brighter days and happy holidays.

It was moved and second that the meeting be adjourned at 1:17p.m.

Respectively submitted:

Tabitha Hoskins, Active Recording Secretary