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Extension Meetings

Cook County Council & Program Advisory Committee - January 30, 2009

Friday January 30, 2009 • 11:30 AM

This meeting has passed.

The following members were present: Dr. Jack Brar, Helen Charity, Prentiss Jackson, Marva King, Gwen Mastin, Larry Reynolds, Attorney Geraldine Simmons, Karen Sweatt, and Cheryl Walker. The following Extension State Advisory Committee (ESAC) member present was Art King along with the Extension personnel: Veronica Aranda/Community Health Educator, Zira Smith, Ph.D./Entrepreunial/Small Business Educator, Nancy Kreith/Extension Program Coordinator Urban Horticulture, the Associate County Director Yvonne Brown and the County Director Willene Buffett.

The meeting convened at the Extension District 5 office located at 1111 East 87th Street and was officially called to order at 11:45 am:

Lunch was served followed by introductions of the Extension educators and staff.

Each of the educators shared general information about their specific program offerings and that of their colleagues on their teams. The council thanked the educators for their presentations and agreed to support them by sharing their program information to other residents in the county. Following their immediate departure from the meeting the council chair convened the meeting as printed on the agenda.

Old Business

Minutes: The minutes were approved with corrections noted by Larry Reynolds. The council chair along with Dr. Brar reminded the council that their secretary has not been present to take official minutes and that a thank you should be extended to the Extension staff for their support in assisting with taking notes/minutes. All suggestions and recommendations for improving the minutes and the need to have an official secretary were taken under advisement.

Review of Plans of Work (POW): See beginning notes regarding presentations from Extension educators and staff.

Program Review: Willene reminded council members that the program review for Cook County will take place on May 11 with the possibility of extending into a second day (May 12). Once she has received the official format for the review, she will notify members if they should be in attendance. Willene indicated that the review of 2004 required council members' presence, volunteers, and some program participants.

Council Evaluation Forms: The council president read the results of the "meeting evaluation survey" and thanks all members for completing this. In addition, she asked that prior to those in attendance leaving for the day that they take the time and complete the "roles of extension councils" survey in that this had not been returned to the Extension office as requested back in January.

New Business

Council Operations: Willene briefly explained the roles of council members as printed on the council forms and also discussed the importance of recruiting new members that can help assist Extension in addressing issues facing residents of this county. She indicated that marketing packets had been distributed to Extension staff. She included the packets in the council folders. Collette Shrank and Willene have distributed recruitment packets to other key partners in the county and sent press releases to local newspapers.

Budget Status: Willene included in all folders copies of the most recent information Extension staff around the state have received from both the campus president (President White) and the director of Extension (Dr. Campion).

Fiscal Report: Willene provided in all folders copies of the most recent expense reports for the county.

Committee Reports: Willene indicated that the Council Vice President, Dr. June Price, had emailed her with concerns about re-organizing the "Needs Assessment" committee. As indicated by Willene, she asked Dr. Price to organize a meeting with the Cook County Assistant Director Curriculum & Evaluations/Dr. Baksh to discuss the efforts that the state was undertaking. Comments were shared by some members to consider pursuing a local assessment so that issues pertinent to this county are not lost in a state-wide survey.

Announcements: Larry Reynolds distributed a workshop offering he is facilitating on Parliamentary Procedures.

The president asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. It was moved and second to adjourn the meeting with the date of March 13, 2009 as the next meeting date.

Meeting notes respectively submitted by Yvonne Brown and Willene Buffett