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Extension Meetings

UI Extension Council Minutes from May 16, 2017 Meeting

Tuesday May 16, 2017 • 6:00 PM

This meeting has passed.


University of Illinois Extension Council Meeting- Henry, Mercer, Rock Island, and Stark Counties

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 6 p.m. at the Milan Extension Office, 321 West 2nd Avenue, Milan, IL 61264

The regular meeting of the Unit 7 (Henry, Mercer, Rock Island, and Stark Counties) Extension Council was called to order by Tim Wells on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 6:02 p.m. at the Milan Extension Office, 321 West 2nd Avenue, Milan, IL 61264.

An educational session on Teen Ambassadors, 4-H Teen Teachers, and 4-H youth development leadership programs was held prior to the meeting at 5:45 p.m. and included presentations by 4-H youth.

Roll Call:

Present: Asrielle Allen, Barbara Chiles, Loredia Dixon, Sue Dorsey, Dave Dyer, Carlos Jiménez, Rex Johnson, Darcy McRoberts, Sugandhi Sivakumar, Tim Wells

Others Present: Diane Baker, Kristin Bogdonas, Brad Cirks, Jenny Garner, Russell Medley, Martha Smith

Guests: Asrielle Allen, Paw Kaw Ku, Man Lun

Public Comments:

· None

Previous Minutes:

· Minutes from February 21, 2017 were approved as written on a motion by Dave Dyer and seconded by Carlos Jiménez. Motion carried.

Fiscal Report:

· The Trust account was reviewed. Heading into a third year without a state budget, the Trust Fund will be used to fund salaries, fixed costs, travel, and reduced professional development. Cash reserves are expected to expire in fiscal year 2018. Unit 7 is implementing further measures for expense management and revenue generation. Those measures include pre-approval of funds through grant or cost recovery for programming supplies, use of a local food bank first for all food supplies purchases for programs, consolidation of travel trips for programs and meetings, and seeking for more grant funds and corporate gifts for programs and operations.

· In-and-Out accounts were reviewed.

· The Self-Supporting balance at the end of March was $1,711.

· The Extension Unit 7 Board approved the proposed fiscal year 2018 budget on April 28, 2017. Extension Council Advisory members who sit on the Board are Dave Dyer, Carlos Jiménez, Rex Johnson, and Missy Nagode. Rex Johnson inquired about status of recommendations for corporate gifts; these are being pursued.

Council Reports:

· Tim Wells, who serves on the Extension State Advisory Council, has corresponded with the Governor and Comptroller Offices to restore $10 million in state matching funds. The strategy now is to bring in Region 1 and Chicago influence.

· Carlos Jiménez complimented our 4-H youth guest speakers for their commitment to staying with 4-H and completing significant projects during their time with the organization. He added that Faith Hardacre, SNAP-Ed Community Worker, is doing a wonderful job at the MLK Center.

· Sugandi Sivakumar conducted an Indian cooking class with Kristin Bogdonas as part of our Healthy Lifestyles series. Her cooking demonstration was well received by engaged participants for this sold out event. The session was recorded for the purposes of developing a follow-up video.

· Rex Johnson and Dave Dyer participated as judges of the submissions for the Entrepreneurial Support Network Small Business Day celebration. Award winners were announced at the luncheon held earlier today at Lake Storey Pavilion in Galesburg.

· Tim Wells reported he is working with Russell Medley on Mercer County Better Together, an initiative that directs funds to community and economic development in that county. Rex Johnson is involved as well and serves on the steering committee.

· Arielle Allen mentioned there are a couple of 4-H teens involved in the Illini Summer Academies scheduled for this summer.

Staff Reports:

  • Included in the Council packets.


· College of ACES Dean Kim Kidwell's tentative visit on June 27 to Unit 7 has been delayed until late autumn.

· A report from Region 2 Director Ryan Hobson will be provided at one of our meetings next year.

New Business:

· Carlos Jiménez asked about the policy on Advisory Council member attendance. While there is no official policy, a quorum is required for Extension Council meetings. This coming year, we will need an adult member recruited from Henry, Mercer, and Rock Island Counties. 4-H youth representing each county will also be coming onboard next year.

· Outgoing members, Darcy McRoberts and Asrielle Allen, were recognized for their excellent work and service on the Extension Unit 7 Advisory Council.

· The Council divided into roundtable discussions by program area to review results of the Unit 7 Community Needs Assessment survey conducted October through December 2016.

· Tim Wells announced the meeting schedule for 2017-2018; a schedule is included in the Council packets. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, August 15, 2017, at the Galva Extension office.


There being no further discussion to come before the meeting, a motion was made by Carlos Jiménez and seconded by Loredia Dixon to adjourn the meeting. The motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rex Johnson

Substituting for Secretary Kaley Rouse