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Extension Meetings

Extension Council Meeting Minutes September 14, 2015

Monday September 14, 2015 • 6:30 PM

This meeting has passed.

U of I extension Unit #11: Fulton-Mason-Peoria-Tazewell

Extension Council Meeting

Monday, September 14th, 2015 6:30PM

Tazewell County Farm Bureau Building Board Room

Pekin, IL

The Fulton-Mason-Peoria-Tazewell Extension Council met September 14, 2015 at the Pekin U of I extension office. The Meeting was called to order by Vice-Chair James Harp at 6:35 PM. Those present included council members James Harp, Cindy Hoerbert, Meghan Curless, Steve Waterworth, Sunita Shastry, Sharon Spangler, Nancy Glick and Erika Eigenbrod. Also in attendance were Earl Allen, County Extension Director and Rhonda Ferree , unit 11 Horticulture Education and State Master Naturalist Coordinator.

Earl Allen gave a review of the current roster and introduced new members.

Recognition was given to outgoing members – Cindy Hoerbert and Nancy Glick

The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed. Motion to approve by Cindy Hoerbert. Second by Sharon. Motion carried.

Rhonda Ferree gave her presentation on her job as horticulture educator and the programs she has started. Rhonda also provided insight to the role and extensive volunteer work done by the master gardeners.

New Business

Election of 2015/2016 officers

Amanda Woodruff – Chair

James Harp – Vice-chair

Financial reporter – Rosemary Palmer

Secretary – Erika Eigenbrod

Approval new officers

Motion made by Steve Waterworth and second by Sunita Shastry. Motion carried.

A motion was made to appoint county extension board members from each county to serve as representatives for their delegated county extension board.

Motion made by Sharon Spangler and second by Sunita Shastry. Motion carried.

Approval of signatories for each local account signature cards

Motion made by Sunita Shastry and second by Steve Waterworth. Motion carried.

Approval of acquisition endorsement for county extension director (Earl Allen) to have authority to expend extension funds

Motion made by Meghan Curless and second by Sharon Spangler. Motion carried.

Approval of holiday closing schedule – Thanksgiving, November 26 & 27 2015 and Christmas, December 24th, 2015-Jan 1st, 2016

Motion made by Steve Waterworth and Second by Sunita Shastry. Motion carried.

Fiscal and Administrative Updates

Earl provided the fiscal report for FY 2015 and the budget for FY 2016. The State of Illinois has not approved a budget yet which does affect the extension funding. Currently the extension office receives ~25% of funds from the state through Matching of local taxes and donations and the 4-H youth line. ~30% of funds come from federal government programs and pays the SNAP and EFFNEP salaries as well as helping with leases for buildings. Other Funding comes from the U of I. For the 2015 fiscal year we were over budget some and once all funding is in about $40,000 came out of the fiscal reserve. With the State budget being up in the air Earl is adjusting the budget for 2016 for possible pitfalls in funding. For 2016 Earl used a 65% match instead of the usual 80%. If the Funding is reduced further Earl plans to protect the permanent staff positions first while saving in other areas. For FY17 levy request, Fulton county increased from about $149,000 to $175,000, Mason county and Peoria county will stay level while Tazewell will increase a couple of thousand dollars.

Earl gave a staffing report – currently 3 positions are open with 1 retirement and 2 resignations. 2 more retirements are expected in December

Other Business

Approval of Extension Council meeting schedule

January 2016 – Kathy Brown to present

April 2016 – Budget Meeting

July/August 2016 – Local individual County Extension board meetings

September 2016 – New program year

A motion was made to adjourn meeting at 8:05 by Sunita Shastry and second by Meghan Curless

Respectfully submitted,

Erika Eigenbrod

Erika Eigenbrod, Secretary

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