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Extension Meetings

Extension Council Meeting September 13, 2016

Tuesday September 13, 2016 • 6:30 PM

This meeting has passed.

The Fulton-Mason-Peoria-Tazewell Extension Council met September 13, 2016 at the Tazewell County Extension office. Council members present were John Asplund, Shundell Broomfield, Erika Eigenbrod, Nicole Forsberg, James Harp, Rosemary Palmer, Katelyn Pruitt, Pam Rumba, Sunita Shastry, Steve Waterworth, and County Extension Director Earl Allen. Absent Council members were Sally Bair, Cindy Chaffin, Meghan Curless , Clara Gonzalez, Kelvin Sampson, Sharon Spangler, Amanda Woodruff, and Cody Zeeck.

The meeting was called to order by Vice-Chair James Harp at 6:33 PM.

The Council roster was reviewed, introductions were made, and certificates were given to outgoing Council members James Harp and Katelyn Pruitt. Sharon Spangler's certificate will be mailed to her.

The May 3, 2016 Council meeting minutes were approved as read. Motion made by Steve Waterworth, seconded by Erika Eigenbrod. Motion passed.

New Business

Election of officers:

Chair – John Asplund Vice-Chair – Nicole Forsberg

Secretary – Erika Eigenbrod Financial Reporter – Sunita Shastry

Motion to approve new officers made by Steve Waterworth, seconded by Sunita Shastry. Motion passed.

Appointment of county Extension board representatives (the representatives from each county will serve as the county Extension board delegation for their county). Motion to approve by Erika Eigenbrod, seconded by Sunita Shastry. Motion passed.

Approval of signatories for local accounts as follows:

· Fulton – Earl Allen, Janis Blout, Patty Wiegers, Jason Haupt

· Mason – Earl Allen, Rhonda Ferree, Julia Pryor, Joli Pierson

· Peoria – Earl Allen, Margaret Cover, Judy Schmidt, Cathy Ludolph

· Tazewell – Earl Allen, Katharine Girone, Kaitlyn Streitmatter, Anita Wilkinson

Motion to approve signatories by Nicole Forsberg, seconded by Rosemary Palmer. Motion passed.

Approval of FY2017 Holiday Office Closing Schedule:

· Thanksgiving – November 24 & 25, 2016

· Christmas – December 23, 2016 – January 2, 2017

Motion to approve schedule by Kaitlyn Pruitt, seconded by James Harp, motion passed.

Fiscal and Administrative updates

Earl gave his fiscal report for 2016 and presented the budget for FY 2017 and the preparation for

FY 2018.

FY 2016

· There was about $400,000 deficit for the 2016 fiscal year, primarily due to the lack of a state budget and therefore no receipt of state matching funds and 4-H fair premium funds from the state.

· The deficit required taking funds from the reserve which reduced the reserve down to about $809,000 at the start of FY17.

FY 2017

· Overall the budget looks good.

· The state has approved 65% match for FY17 in their 6-month stopgap budget and has indicated it will be fully allocated

o There is a possibility it may be released before Christmas

· Premiums and youth education lines were also fully funded

· 2017 budget has a projected $60,000 surplus built in to hopefully start rebuilding the local reserve again.

· Earl has further tightened this year's budget by decreasing overtime, travel expenses, and programming seed money. Allowances for professional development have been decreased and we are also saving money on salary positions that were open by delaying some hiring.

FY 2018

· The state and university portions are in question at this point

o Will depend if Universities get all of their 2017 money, and what the FY18 state budget looks like when it is passed

· Working with County boards on local levy money. At this point in the process the following has been requested:

o Mason staying steady at $91,000

o Peoria at $112,000 reflecting an increase of $2,000

o Tazewell staying level at $157,000, but has increased in the past few years

o Fulton at $177,000 reflecting an increase of $2,000

Staffing update

· Kaitlyn Streitmatter – Program Coordinator, SNAP-Ed – new position, federal funds

· Kellie Roecker – Community Worker, SNAP-Ed, Tazewell

· Jeremy Crull – Community Worker, SNAP-Ed, Peoria

· Angela Jimenez – Work Program Participant, EFNEP, Peoria – 3rd bilingual hire – all bilingual positions now filled

· Unit 4-H Development Educator – needs filled soon

Civil rights update

There is a state civil rights review every three years. Our latest review was May 18, 2016. The state sent their finding to us and we have responded to the report with recommendations to improve those areas.

Approval of Extension Council meeting schedule:

o January 10, 2017 – Alternate date January 16, 2017 - CED programming review

o April 11, 2017 – Alternate date April 17, 2017 - annual budget approval meeting

o July/August 2017 – Local individual county Extension board meetings

o September 12, 2017 – Alternate date September 18, 2017 new program year

Motion to approve schedule by Sunita Shastry, seconded by Steve Waterworth. Motion passed.


Earl shared about several events that occurred over the past summer.

· The topic for the program was "We are in a Good Spot"

o We have great marketing, great programming, and great reporting

· Some recent programs from this summer that Earl was able to participate in included:

o Farm Safety Day Camp, Master Naturalist training at Cahokia Mounds, Illinois Junior Chef Program, 4G Stem Camp, Ground to Space talk with astronaut aboard space station, Hoop house built in Peoria, 4-H Hall of Fame members inducted, Legislative breakfast

· All staff meeting will be held in December at Jake Wolf Fish Hatchery

o Would like Extension council involvement

o Several presentations already set up

A motion was made to adjourn meeting at 7:45 PM by Shundell Broomfield, seconded by Meghan Curless

Respectfully submitted,

Erika Eigenbrod, Secretary

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