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University of Illinois Extension serving Christian, Jersey, Macoupin and Montgomery Counties

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Macoupin County
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Hours: Monday - Thursday 8 am to 12 pm; 1 pm to 4:30 pm

Extension Meetings

April 2009 Extension Council Minutes

Tuesday April 28, 2009 • 7:00 PM

This meeting has passed.

Macoupin County Extension Council

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 at 7:00 PM

Meeting Place: Nick's Pizza, Carlinville

Jennifer Brown called the meeting to order. Council members present include Wanda Hammann, Jennifer Brown, Jan Cloud, Doug Gaines, David Humphreys, Kristine Jarden, Eileen Nichols, Calvin Helmkamp, Robert Quarton, Alice Tebbe, and Delbert Walk. Paula Robinson, Tosha Cantrell-Bruce and Connie Niemann represented the Extension office. Not present were: Annette Edwards, Ed Marburger, David Sanson, Christine Simmons and Renee Young.

Minutes of the February 3, 2009 meeting were read. Robert Quarton made the motion to approve the minutes as read, seconded by David Humphreys. Motion carried.

Robert Quarton gave the financial report. The In and Out Account, as of March 31, 2009, had a balance of $7,809.36. Trust and Revolving account as of March 2009 was $21,911.70. Year to Date ending Balance was also $21,911.70. Doug Gaines questioned the Revolving Account transfer. It doesn't match what comes from the In and Out account. Balances could be different from one month to another. Extension staff will correct and send out revised forms. Financial reports were approved as read by Wanda Hammann, seconded by Alice Tebbe. Motion carried.

Staff Reports:

Tosha Cantrell-Bruce highlighted three programs conducted over the past year.

  • The 4-H Special Interest Clubs meet six times on a specific subject. A Small Engines course was attended by 25 kids. The Rocketry Club had 12 kids.
  • The Junior Leadership Academy meets six times throughout the year and is funded by the 4-H Foundation.
  • The "Welcome to the Real World" program was conducted for 400 students in Staunton and Mt. Olive. Girard had 50 students participate.

All 4H Fairs are scheduled for the county fair. All judges and superintendents have been acquired. One-day day camps on rocketry will be held this summer in Bunker Hill, Carlinville and Virden.

Connie Niemann provided us with a hands-on educational experience "Pizza from Farm to Table" highlighting some of the programs that she conducts in classrooms throughout the county.

Fiscal Situation

We are currently at 40% match for this current year but we should be prepared to be at 60% match. If 40% remains at the end of the fiscal year, we will be short in the funds. If 60%, there will be some excess funds. Some extension officials throughout the state are considering retirement. We have received second payment out of four. If we get 50% for the next three years, we can exist. From the tax levy, we received $80,000 from the county. We will approach the county again in the winter.

2009-2010 Budget

Our budget runs from July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010. We will submit budget for 80% match. Platbook sales have been low. 4-H Foundation is giving $16,000 and 4-H Federation is giving $3,000.

Budget is balanced. Other funds that we might not get are listed in "Other Wages." Last year's budget was $249,000 and this year's budget is $273,000. $20,000 per year in savings reserve will be used.

A motion to approve the 2009-2010 budget was made by Wanda Hammann, seconded by Jan Cloud. Motion carried.

New Council Appointments

Robert Quarton, Annette Edwards, Wanda Hammann, David Humphreys, and David Sanson must go off council. Robert Quarton will be replaced by Veryl Reiher.

All reappointments will stay on council (Kristine Jarden, Jennifer Brown, Eileen Nichols, Delbert Walk, Christine Simmons, Doug Gaines, and Edward Marburger).

4-H Foundation

We need a council member to serve on the 4-H Foundation. David Humphreys currently serves on it. Usually consists of three annual meetings. Jennifer Brown volunteered to serve a two-year term on the 4-H Foundation.

4-H Program Fee

The state is recommending a $20 per year 4-H program fee. $6 will go the state and $14 will stay at the county level. Money will be collected with enrollment sheet. A motion was made by Robert Quarton that "starting September 1, 4-H members will have a $6 program fee with the option of paying the full $20. The Foundation will provide a $14 scholarship to cover the $20 required fee for Macoupin County residents." Discussion followed. Motion was seconded by Wanda Hammann. Motion carried.

For 4-Her's that cannot afford the fee, the 4-H leader will decide who can receive a waived fee. A motion was made to accept the leader's discretion on payment of the fee was made by Doug Gaines, seconded by Calvin Helmkamp. Motion carried.

Hiring of 4-H Staff

Kate Harding will begin working part-time to help with 4-H programs. She will hopefully start next week.

Regional Advisory Council

Humphreys talked about the regional council meeting. They discussed 4-H program fees, raising funds, and possible federal funds for education specialists at state level. All units were different on how they would charge for 4-H programs. Humphreys provided some examples of what other units have decided.

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 23, 2009 at 7PM. The County Extension Board will meet at 6:30PM. A motion to adjourn at 8:31PM was made by David Humphreys, seconded by Alice Tebbe. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristine Jarden, Secretary