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Extension Meetings

LMS Council Meeting Minutes - 11/29/11

Tuesday November 29, 2011 • 7:00 PM

This meeting has passed.

Logan, Menard, Sangamon Extension Council

Meeting Minutes


Sangamon County Extension Office

7:00 p.m.

Blair Hoerbert began the meeting by asking for introductions of those present. Members in attendance were Ahrends, Baldin, Buckles, Duckworth, Graff, Henebry, Hoerbert, Howell, Ireland, McMurray, Mendenhall, Morrison, Ostermeier, Petrilli, Thomas, and Wilhite. Absent were Books, Butcher, and Stoll. Also in attendance were Sue Adams (Regional Advisory Chair), Jerry Hicks (Extension Partners), David Mendenhall (Sangamon County Board), and John Fulton (staff). Members Ahrends, Duckworth, Ireland, and Wilhite were attending by telenet.

There were no minutes, as this was a first meeting of the entire combined council.

Fulton gave a brief orientation covering history, purpose, and local staffing.

Fulton gave the financial report. The Trust account balance is showing severely negative at the present time, but that is because the individual trust accounts have not yet been transferred to the combined unit account. Also, the County Board check from Logan County for just over $105,000 has now been deposited. The final two match payments for last fiscal year have also been received. The revolving account shows essentially a zero balance with almost $9,000 in activity for the year. There will also be the two former revolving accounts rolled into the new one for the combined unit. The financial report was approved and placed on file for audit on an approved motion by Thomas (Buckles).

Staff Reports were given. Petrilli covered the horticulture area highlighting the recently completed Master Naturalist Training session, and the upcoming Master Gardener Training. Fulton covered the other areas highlighting the Small Farms webinars and workshops, SNAP-ed changes in programming, and Youth SPIN clubs and traditional program re-enrollment. Staff reports were approved on a motion by Henebry (Graff).

Committee Reports/Other Representatives:

· Jerry Hicks gave a report of Extension Partners activities and needs. It has been a tough legislative session and it isn't over yet. He encouraged membership individually and as a group. The group membership will be looked into, but can't be done with Office funds. Hoerbert encouraged individuals to consider becoming members.

· Sue Adams gave a report on the West Central Regional Advisory Committee. She encouraged council members to bring up items of concern or interest and they would be addressed at the regional level or forwarded to the state level. Things are in a state of change for the Extension Regions, as they reduce to three regions shortly.

· Dave Mendenhall gave a report for the Sangamon County Board. It is another tough budget year, especially because of the State of Illinois not paying bills and transferring expenses to the counties. The county continues to be supportive of Extension to the level it can.

Committee and other reports were approved on a motion by Howell (Ostermeier).

Old Business:

· The office closing over the holidays was discussed. This year, there are reduced service days from 12/28 – 12/30. Staff would take these days as vacation or use floating holidays. This would mean the last day for the office to be open would be 12/23, and would reopen on 1/3. It was approved on a motion by Buckles (Graff) to close for the reduced service days.

· Reorganization: Fulton gave an update on staffing including people and positions, programming, and locations.

· The council was made aware of the upcoming decision for Sangamon County concerning the 4-H Show location. Most input will be collected at the December Livestock Committee meetings, which are open to the public. Fulton wanted the council to be aware because of the potential for a contentious situation. He and Lounsberry are working on options to present to include renting the State Fair facilities back for at least livestock, renting Sangamon County Fairgrounds for at least livestock, going in with Menard County, and program volunteers have brought up going to Logan County as well. There are also hybrid options to have general project shows at a separate location(s).

New Business:

· Signature cards for the In and Out Accounts: There was some discussion on signature accounts concerning what would work best for the various office situations to get checks signed with proper oversight. It was decided it would work best for Fulton to sign with the countersignature by an educator or volunteer. Signatures for Sangamon and Menard Counties will include Fulton, Fishburn, and Buckles. Logan County will be Fulton, Dave Irwin, and Sue Adams.

· Meeting schedule for the year: dates are 1/19/12 in Logan, 6/5/12 in Sangamon, and 8/23/11 in Logan. All meetings will be at 7:00 p.m. and there will be a distance option for attendance. It was approved for this schedule on a motion by Henebry (Thomas).

The next meeting will be 1/19/12 at 7 pm with a distance option.

Meeting adjourned on a motion by McMurray (Howell).