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Extension Meetings

Extension Council Minutes

Thursday January 19, 2012 • 7:00 PM

This meeting has passed.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Hoerbert. Members present were: Ahrends, Baldin, Books, Duckworth, Graff, Hoerbert, Howell, Ireland, McMurray, Morrison, Ostermeier, Stoll, and Wilhite. Absent were Buckles, Butcher, Henebry, Mendenhall, Petrilli, and Thomas.

Minutes of the November meeting were approved on a motion by Howell/Stoll.

The financial report was given by Fulton. Highlighted were the county board funds received from Logan and Sangamon County Boards. Most expenses are at or below the budget amounts. We are currently through six months of the year. Matching funds from the last two quarters are also received but not credited to our account yet. The financial report was approved and to be placed on file for audit on a motion by Wilhite/Graff.

The main staff report was on horticulture, given by Daryl McMurray. Highlights included 176 master gardeners in the unit giving almost 10,000 hours of volunteer service in the unit. Garden Days in Logan and Sangamon were also discussed. Jennifer is also doing the TV spots weekly on Channel 20.

The only committee report was on the Sangamon County Board budget. Dave Mendenhall couldn't be with us as he got stuck in Southern Illinois and his wife went home sick, so he called in the report the County Board approved the same as last year with the CPI increase added.

Old Business: the survey of members for the 4-H Show in Sangamon County was discussed. There were 86 responses from families. There was a good mixture of livestock and general project participants represented. The overwhelming indications were to have livestock and general projects at the same time and location (87%) and the have the show at the Sangamon County Fairgrounds July 13-15 (74%). The second most popular was to show with Logan County, but it was a distant second. It was also discussed to join Extension Partners through as a group, without the use of State or Extension funds. It was approved on a motion by Graff/Stoll to do so. Fulton will follow up on the method. Signature card authority was listed, as there were some questions last time about past council members signing in some counties. It was approved at the University, so it will remain as listed in the November minutes.

New Business: There is a retirement taking place of the Youth/Metro educator. There are two potential retirements occurring in clerical positions (no signed letters yet, but expressed intent). After discussion, it was approved on a motion by Graff/Howell to hire up to two educators (one 4-H Community Club focused and one Metro). This would be contingent on the unit funding about 70% of one position with federal funds covering the other 30%. The second position would be Metro and contingent on state funding. The clerical positions were "pre-approved" for filling at the current percentages. It is also pre-approved to potentially make both the positions at level of fiscal (Level III or associate), and this would be left up to Fulton. The unit website was discussed. Our unit is number three in the state, even passing Cook County.

The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Howell/Wilhite, but those in physical attendance were given a demonstration of the website.

Next meeting date is June 5 in Sangamon County.