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Extension Meetings

June, 2014 Extension Council Minutes

Thursday June 12, 2014 • 7:00 PM

This meeting has passed.


Logan, Menard, and Sangamon Extension Council


7:00 pm

Sangamon County Office as the main site

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Hoerbert. Members present were Adams, Ayers, Graff, Hoerbert, Keeton, Mendenhall, Oller, Peeler, Petrilli, Stambaugh, and Struebing. Absent were Chard, Duckworth, Irwin, and Krone. Also in attendance were Tony DelGiorno (Sangamon County Board member, Carissa Akpore (staff), and John Fulton (staff).

The meeting was held with the Sangamon County Office designated as the main site, with Lync audio/visual link in Logan County, and a phone-in option as well. Introductions were done.

Minutes of the November meeting were approved on a motion by Adams (Ayers). The January meeting consisted of a set of notes compiled by Fulton and the staff reports distributed to members.

Staff reports were distributed to all members. Council members felt they were valuable to gain some understanding of the breadth of programming occurring in the unit.

Fulton covered the current year budget, the tentative budget that has been submitted, and some of the grant funding the unit is receiving. This grant funding has enabled the unit to continue expanding programs on the limited resources we have available.

Old Business: Fulton covered staff items including summer help hired for grant programming, summer youth programming for both unit-wide and metro youth programming, and the approval to hire an additional SNAP-ed community worker for Sangamon County (with hiring to probably occur toward late summer). The Civil Rights Review was conducted in the unit in May. When the report becomes available, it will be shared with Council members.

New Business:

The lone retiring council member, Blair Hoerbert, was recognized for his five years of service. Hoerbert was approved on campus to serve the extra year because of his leadership position and the fact so many were rotated off last year. He also was the chair of the executive committee dealing with the consolidation of the counties into our current unit during the reorganization. There are no council nominations at this time. The goal is to add youth members to the council, and the request is working through the educators and youth groups in the county. The council members agreed the addition of youth members would be an excellent addition, and would recommend the youth nominated by the educators.

There was discussion about Unit 16 and Unit 11 having discussions with administration about the possibility of a unit based educator in the commercial agriculture area, with field crops designation. This potential position would have research as a large component. These two units offer some unique opportunities for this type of position with the Hartsburg Field, the Mason Sands Research Field, and three community colleges with ag research programs. The council will be informed of further developments.

Discussion was held concerning the Menard County In and Out Account. The only activity in the account has been 4-H Premium checks for over two years. The staff in the county both have the purchase credit cards for office and educational supplies, postage, etc. so the checking account hasn't been used. It is still subject to monthly reports and annual audits. The motion was made by Petrilli (Oller) to close the account. The motion passed. Signature authority for the Logan and Sangamon in and out accounts was recommended to be Fulton, Fishburn, and Akpore on both accounts from staff, and the treasurer on at least the county where they live. This was passed on a motion by Graff (Ayers).

The election of officers for the coming year was conducted. A slate of Mendenhall for Chair, Oller for Vice-chair, and Irwin for Secretary/Treasurer was submitted. The slate was elected on a motion by Adams (Graff). Extension representatives to the County Extension Board will be Mendenhall, Irwin, Peeler, and Keeton. This was passed on a motion by Adams (Graff).

Program planning is ongoing, but the summer months are when staff modify and submit materials in the formal process. We are nearing the end of the current long-term process in Extension, and will be starting a new planning process in the next year or so. Ideas were solicited from the council. Suggestions included continued work on providing commercial ag programming and providing an Annie's Project program for the unit. This could possibly be done with a consortium of groups in our unit. Fulton reminded members to bring forth any ideas, or pass along what members are hearing, regardless of time of year.

The next meeting is scheduled for August 21, but may be replaced with some program planning function such as surveys or interviews.

The meeting was adjourned to the County Extension Board meeting for Sangamon and Menard Counties on a motion by Adams (Ayers).

The meeting was called to order by Hoerbert. Attendance was the same as Extension Council. Good discussions occurred between staff, council members, and county board members in attendance. Fulton provided information on figures included in the preliminary budget. He stressed they were not seen or discussed by County Board members in Menard or Sangamon Counties, but were based on the current year funding plus the 1.5% PTELL figure. These came up $183,867 for Sangamon County and $28,420 for Menard County. Mendenhall said he had texted others from the Sangamon County Board and thought there was some comfort level with funding at the current level. After much discussion, it was approved on a motion by Keeton (Oller) to ask for the $183,867 from Sangamon and $28,420 from Menard. The increase request would be enhanced by stating what the additional funds would be used for. The meeting was adjourned.