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Extension Meetings

December, 2014 Extension Council Minutes

Tuesday December 16, 2014 • 7:00 PM

This meeting has passed.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mendenhall. Present were Adams, Ayers, Chard, Duckworth, Irwin, Keeton, Krone, Mendenhall, Peeler, Petrilli, and new youth members Jones, Boles, and Edge. Others present included Fulton, Akpore, Ajie, Austin, and guest Teresa Jones. Absent were Graff, Oller, Stambaugh, Struebing, and new youth members Merriman, White, Fishburn, and Martin. Introductions were made.

Minutes were approved on a motion by Krone (Petrilli).

There were no committee reports.

Staff reports were distributed in printed format. Some highlights were given including the Ag Literacy numbers, Metro Youth activities, and the upcoming Master Gardener training. A question was asked about Annie's Project being offered. It is being looked at, and there may be a possibility of some participation in a neighboring unit. It was also pointed out the unit web hits have risen to almost 60,000 per month over the last six months.

The financial report was given by Fulton. Highlighted were the County Board payments to date from Sangamon and Logan, with Logan not appearing yet on the November report. Menard County will be paying in two installments later this spring. Also highlighted were income and expense categories from the annual report, with much of the unit expense in salaries and wages. This is typical for any educational institution. Fulton also distributed some orientation materials covering 4-H numbers, volunteer numbers in Master Gardener and Master Naturalist programs, budget numbers for income and expense by county (excluding staff salaries and wages), state line items, and grants.

Old Business:

  • Staffing update: Fulton gave an update on staffing. This included Amy Rebbe opting for fill a vacant SNAP-ed position, so she was moved from Youth to SNAP-ed in late summer. A person to fill the Youth vacancy will begin work on January 5, and her name is Kathryn Long. A search continues for another SNAP-ed vacancy, with the fourth register being received. Fulton explained the civil service process for filling vacancies.
  • Audit Committees: Audit committees conducted audits in all three counties of the In and Out accounts and the Federation accounts. Things were basically in good shape with the committees in all instances signing off on the audits. The Menard In and Out account was closed prior to the audit due to inactivity in the account.
  • The Sangamon Office parking lot project has been completed, and offers over twice as much parking as the old lot. A portion of the cost is being paid by the office over a five year period in the lease.
  • Civil Rights Compliance: Copies of the Audit information and response were distributed to members and guests. Highlighted areas included sections dealing with goals for voluntary reporting, and organizational membership.
  • Council member additions: Vacant positions were not filled during the usual summer months, but spots were held for youth members. After the fall organization meetings, recommended youth members were Merriman, Jones, Boles, White, Edge, Fishburn, and Martin. It was moved by Chard (Duckworth) to recommend these names to the Dean for appointment for this year. We welcomed Jones, Boles, and Edge to the meeting tonight. Others are scheduled to attend the next session.

New Business:

  • Office closings over the holidays: stated holidays of 12/24, 25, 26, and 1/1 will have all three offices closed. The reduced service days of 12/29, 30, 31, and 1/2 will have the Sangamon and Menard offices closed. One staff member asked to work the reduced service days in Logan County due to availability of leave and personal circumstances. This request has been relayed and approved with a specific list of work items and periodic safety checks put in place.
  • Copies of the annual report were available for viewing. It was also pointed out the report is available online at the bottom of the unit home page. Many commented on the breadth of programs offered in the unit, and it was good to get an overall picture to expand the portions of the program they saw.
  • Fulton commented on the possibilities for funding with the governor elect and comments made to the Presidents of the State Universities. Fulton continues to prepare plans for budget reductions in case they occur due to the temporary income tax roll-back and the state fiscal condition.
  • A brief overview of the Open Meetings Act was given by Fulton. The Extension Council is governed by the act. A brief discussion was held on the distance attendance, and it was approved by consensus to allow distance attendance for the reasons allowed in the act. Council members were also informed they could get more information or do self-training at the State Attorney General's Office website.
  • A "Looking Forward" exercise was done by members. Questions about looking five years forward were given to members to answer, and then collected for future discussion. Questions included some from Mike Gray, which have already been given to several groups, and some locally on the anticipation of programming in our local program areas.

Future meeting dates are scheduled for March 17 and June 16. Additional meetings may be scheduled if circumstances change such as budget concerns.

The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Krone (Petrilli).