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Extension Meetings

Unit 16 Extension Council and County Extension Board Minutes

Tuesday June 16, 2015 • 7:00 PM

This meeting has passed.

Unit 16 Extension Council Meeting

And County Extension Board Meeting

June 16, 2015

Sangamon County Extension Office

7:00 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mendenhall. All present introduced themselves for the roll call. Present were Adams, Ayers, Chard, Irwin, Mendenhall, Oller, Peeler, Petrilli, and Struebing. Absent were Duckworth, Graff, Keeton, Krone, and Stambaugh. Youth members present were Jones and Fishburn. Absent youth members were Merriman, Boles, White, Edge, and Martin. Staff present were Fulton, Akpore, and Fishburn.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved on a motion by Adams (Petrilli).

Staff reports from each staff member were handed out to all present. Staff present highlighted a few programs including Master Naturalist recruitment, the Bird Sleuth program in two locations, and youth summer programming focused on science and technology.

The financial report was given by Fulton. For the current year, Fulton highlighted the match dollars received thus far, and the pledge to completed match payments for this year. For the upcoming year, Fulton covered the current scenario where Extension funding would not occur through Department of Agriculture funds for match, youth development, and Cook County funds. This is not to say this is final, but is proposed if a balanced budget is not achieved. Petrilli asked about contingency plans. Fulton stated he had drafted plans for 10, 20, and 30 percent reductions – but had not gone further. Fulton further stated he hadn't planned for complete loss of those funds which would amount to about a third of the local budget. With cuts uncertain at this time, further work on budget planning will be very preliminary in nature. More precise plans can be drafted when actual dollar amounts are known. One highlight is over $500,000 grant dollars came into the unit this past year, with a large grant being the SNAP-ed program.

Old Business: Fulton discussed the hiring of one additional extra-help person on the SNAP-ed grant to assist with the ConAgra grant programming. The other potential staff associated with program areas were put on hold due to impending budget reductions. The State Civil Rights audit was discussed. Illinois will be getting an audit in July, and the counties are unknown at this time. Preparations are being made statewide for the audit. Unit 16 had an audit last year, so files are relatively current, and efforts are underway to update necessary items.

New Business: Council nominations were discussed. According to campus records, there are no reappointments or members who have reached the term limits. Current members agreed to continue serving. The only question mark was youth appointments, since the form last year had a two year term listed in one place and one year by each name. All would serve a second year, and an appointment form is modified to do a one year appointment to clarify the situation. The closing of the Menard In and Out Account last year has not led to any problems, and will not be reestablished. Signature authority for In and Out Accounts was approved on a motion by Chard (Ayers) to have Fulton, Fishburn, and Akpore on the Sangamon account and Fulton, Akpore, and Irwin on the Logan account. Election of officers was held. It was moved by Adams (Peeler) to unanimously reelect the current slate of officers: Chair- Mendenhall, Vice-chair- Oller, and Secretary/Treasurer-Irwin. The motion passed unanimously. The County Extension Board representatives from Extension Council were recommended as Mendenhall (chair), Irwin, Keeton, and Peeler on a motion by Chard (Adams).

The August meeting will most likely be replaced with an activity related to program planning. If a meeting is held, it will be August 20 in Lincoln.

The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Irwin (Oller).

The County Extension Board Meeting was called to order by Chairman Mendenhall. Attendance was the same as the Extension Council meeting.

A discussion was held about last year's requests, the consumer price index, and other factors. Mendenhall pointed out County Governments were also seeing reduced funding from State sources. It was moved by Peeler (Irwin) to request levy amounts resulting in Logan $90,781, Menard $28,850, and Sangamon $180,000 to match this year's requests. Motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Irwin (Peeler).