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Extension Meetings

11/17/15 Extension Council Minutes

Tuesday November 17, 2015 • 7:00 PM

This meeting has passed.

Logan, Menard, Sangamon

Extension Council Minutes

November 17, 2015

7:00 p.m.

Sangamon County Extension Office

2015-2016 Officers:

Chairman Mendenhall

V.Chair Oller

Sec/Treas Irwin

Call To Order: by Chair Mendenhall. Present were Ayers, Duckworth, Irwin, Keeton, Mendenhall, Petrilli, Struebing, Merriman, Fulton, and Akpore. Absent were Adams, Chard, Krone, Oller, Peeler, Stambaugh and youth members Jones, Boles, White, Edge, Fishburn, and Martin.

Minutes were approved on a motion by Petrilli/Irwin.

Staff Reports were distributed. Each staff member highlighted programming since the last council meeting.

Financial Report and a brief fiscal orientation and covering the numbers was given by Fulton. Highlighted in the fiscal report was county board money had been received from Sangamon and now Logan for the year. Menard dollars are usually sent in April and June. Major sources of local income remaining to come in include 4-H Foundations and Sangamon County Farm Bureau. Other items discussed included local dollars from each county with $135, 681 estimated from Logan Co., $30,350 from Menard, and $234,800 from Sangamon. These numbers are from all local sources. Costs by county were covered for non-personnel and personnel paid hourly. Other income sources were also covered with $260, 541 from State Matching money budgeted, $61,814 in State salary support, Illinois Department of Agriculture funds for youth also about $56,000. Major grants include SNAP-ed at $389,798 and others (mostly youth) at about $48,000.Income has about 27% Federal (SNAP-ed and Smith-Lever), 37% State, 25% County Boards, and 11% Local and User Fees.

Old Business:

  • Staffing update: Deborah Cavanaugh-Grant has announced her retirement effective the end of the calendar year. Whitney Ajie will be transitioning to campus this spring. Current thoughts are to not immediately fill the Small Farms Educator position, and a start hire is being initiated for the SNAP-ed funded position. There was concurrence from members with proceeding in this manner for both positions.
  • Audit Committees: have signed off on all five accounts – Menard Co. In and Out was closed last year.
  • Other: Annie's Project will be offered at the Logan County Office in February and March as a combination of distance and local presentations.

New Business:

  • Office update: Council members were informed of the reduction in operating hours for the Menard Office effective in October, with new days of service being Mondays and Wednesdays. Staff are reassigned to the Sangamon Office on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
  • Office closings over the holidays (holidays – 12/24, 25, 31, 1/1 and reduced service days 12/28, 29, 30)
  • Annual Report: Copies of the annual report were also available, as well as accessible online. This shows the scope of local programming
  • Other: Chairman Mendenhall announced the Sangamon County Board budget was approved, with level funding of $180,000 for the FY17 Extension year.

Future Meeting Dates: 2/16, 4/19, 6/21

Adjourned on a motion by Petrilli/Merriman.