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Extension Meetings

June, 2016 Council and Extension Board Minutes

Tuesday June 21, 2016 • 7:00 PM

This meeting has passed.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mendenhall. Members present were Adams, Duckworth, Irwin, Keeton, Mendenhall, Peeler, Petrilli, Struebing, and youth member Jones. Abesent were Ayers, Chard, Graff, Krone, Oller, Stambaugh, and youth members Merriman, Boles, White, Edge, Fishburn and Martin. Attending from the Sangamon County Board was Tony DelGiorno, and staff members Fulton and Akpore were in attendance.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved on a motion by Struebing (Keeton).

Staff Reports – written reports from staff members were distributed. Additional comments included the Horticulture Advisory Committee is now formed to include both Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists.

The financial report and proposed budget items were covered by Fulton. Assumptions were made we would receive no state match money for the year, and this would result in a net loss for the year. Fulton had handouts with income by category for each county, as well as expenses by county. Staff costs were about 70% of the budget. This was due to the lowered costs of operations vs. excessive staff costs.

Old Business:

Whitney Ajie has moved to campus with a special SNAP-ed position. The first search for a replacement failed for our unit. Another search will begin shortly. This is a grant funded position.

New Business:

· Recognition of retiring members (after August 31) – Adams, Duckworth, Irwin, Krone, Graff, and Petrilli.

· Council nominations – Mike Starasta, Eli Klokkenga, youth members to be determined, and two or three additional nominees to be determined. Chairman Mendenhall will seek the additional candidates, and the council requested nominations not be forwarded until the end of the month pending the additional appointments.

· Signature authority for checking accounts: Logan County will be Fulton, Akpore, and Irwin. Sangamon will be Fulton, Fishburn, and Akpore – approved on a motion by Petrilli (Struebing).

· Election of officers for the coming year was delayed by the council pending the new members being seated. This means elections will occur in November.

· Selection of County Extension Board representatives from Council (2 male and 2 female): Male representatives will be David Mendenhall and Jim Oller, and female members will be Jackie Peeler and Jill Keeton.

Future meeting dates were established to be November 15, January 17, April 18, and June 20.

Adjourn to County Extension Board Meeting chaired by Mendenhall.

Members present were Mendenhall, Keeton, Peeler, and DelGiorno.

Business Item: to set the request level from County Boards for the budget with Logan $90,781, Menard $24,400, and Sangamon $180,000 approved on a motion by Keeton (Peeler).

Meeting adjourned