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Extension Meetings

February, 2017 Extension Council minutes

Tuesday February 21, 2017 • 7:00 PM

This meeting has passed.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mendenhall. Members present were Mendenhall, Buckles, Oller, Keeton, Chard, and Struebing. Absent were Ayers, Klokkenga, Stambaugh, and Strarasta. Youth members absent were Merriman, Jones, Boles, White, Edge, and Fishburn. Staff present were Fulton and Akpore.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved on a motion by Chard (Oller).

Staff reports were distributed and discussed.

The fiscal report was given by Fulton. Highlighted were the income yet to be received, the percentage of expenses in the salaries and wages, and also the amount of matching money in the budget from the state.

Old Business: The budget has been prepared for the upcoming year (beginning July 1). Figures are similar to the past budget. A slight increase in the two percent range for staff salaries and wages was calculated. Rent figures are the same for Logan and Menard Counties, while Sangamon has the built-in minor inflation adjustment. Additional signatories on checking accounts were added on a motion by Oller (Chard): Kayla Swaar to the Sangamon County In and Out Account and Patty Huffer to the Logan County In and Out Account. Fulton informed the Council it was his intent to retire next month, and these additional signatures would keep offices functioning during the transition time.

New Business: Leases are being worked on. The Menard lease is out for signature. The Sangamon lease is multi-year with a current end date of June 30, 2019 and an additional five year option period, and the Logan lease is in flux depending on action by the Building Association and Logan County Fair Foundation. Agreements have been filled out and awaiting signatures in most cases. All agreements will not be complete until at least April. Our unit is scheduled for a Civil Rights review in May, which will be dependent on discussions between the Regional Director and campus staff. Files are being prepared for the review in case it happens this year. There are several expiring terms for Extension Council representatives. Terms of Ayers, Chard, Mendenhall, Oller, Peeler, and Stambaugh are expiring. Two new people identified to be nominated for the Council include Colleen Carney-Harms and Otto Rentschler. There are also two to three slots to be filled from the Horticulture Advisory Committee/Master Gardeners/Master Naturalists.

Statistical information from the youth development and Master Gardeners and Master Naturalist programs was covered. Highlighted youth involvement was Logan 312 club, 438 short-term, and 1026 long-term; Menard 125 club, 18 short-term, and 654 long-term; and Sangamon 344 club, 1522 short-term, and 4956 long-term (including Metro youth). Long-term participation number came mainly from the Embryology curriculum and the Ag Literacy Program. There were 155 Master Gardeners reporting 8587 service hours and 1928 continuing education hours, and 38 Master Naturalists reporting 3240 service hours and 632 continuing education hours.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 18. June 20 will be the next Council and County Extension Board Meeting date.

The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Chard (Oller).