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Extension Meetings

September 2017 Extension Council Meeting Minutes

Tuesday September 26, 2017 • 7:00 PM

This meeting has passed.

University of Illinois Extension
Sangamon, Menard, and Logan County Council

September 26, 2017 – 7 PM

Sangamon County Extension Office
700 S. Airport Dr.
Springfield, IL 62707

Present: David Mendenhall, Lynn Chard, Jill Keeton, Colleen Harms, Jim Strubing, Mary Brown, Jennifer Taylor Brown, Bob Farmer (guest Diane Farmer), Brenda Buckles, Gary Letterly, Daniel Kloppe, Grace Skelton, Alex Bruno, and Extension Staff, Terri Miller, Erica Austin and Kathryn Long.

Absent: Eli Klokkenga, Otto Rentschler, Ed Whitcomb, Jr., Charles Ruben, Kevin Bateman, and Ny'Torious McCoy.

● The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Chairman David Mendenhall.

● Mendenhall introduced and welcomed new Extension County Director, Terri Miller. Miller then gave some background information about herself to the council.

● Council members then introduced themselves.

● The council reviewed minutes from the June meeting, Chard made the motion to accept, Keeton 2nd the motion, and the minutes were unanimous approved.

● Election of officers

○ Chard moved to appoint Mendenhall as Chairman of the Council and Jim Strubing as Vice Chairman, Keeton 2nd, and the motion was unanimous passed.

○ The previous Secretary and Treasurer has since went off the board and the position needs appointed. No one stepped forward to serve in this capacity so the item was tabled for a future meeting.

● Miller gave a financial report

○ State of Illinois matching funds for Extension were included in the current state budget, however no disbursements have yet been made.

○ Campus has a plan to provide assistance to units by providing additional Smith-Lever funds for the next three years.

○ Miller encouraged council members to be an advocate for Extension throughout the community, and also help look for new funding or revenue sources.

○ Miller answered a question posed by councilman Letterly about how Smith-Lever funds can and cannot be used.

● Civil Right Compliance Review Report

○ Miller discussed the unit's recent civil rights compliance review report. She explained that much is being done to reach new and underserved audiences, however the unit needs to improve its documentation of these efforts.

○ Miller asked each council member to come up with three ideas to increase our reach to underserved audiences in the community.

● Program Reports - written reports from staff members were distributed.

○ Miller shared that the Logan County 4-H staff were hosting a 4-H leaders meeting at the same time, and they were expecting a good turnout.

○ Sangamon County 4-H Metro Educator, Erica Austin, gave a detailed report on the many Metro 4-H programs and activities that happened over the summer break.

○ Miller gave a report on the Ag in the Classroom program and highlighted the Ag Expo Day recently held at the Menard County Fairgrounds for all 5th graders in Menard County.

■ Miller answered a question from Vice Chairman Strubing regarding the target age group for Ag in the Classroom lessons. Miller replied it was aimed primarily at Kindergarten and grade school students.

○ Miller then gave the SNAP- Ed report. She gave a brief explanation of what the acronym SNAP stood for (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program,) and explained the Organwise program that is presented to income eligible grade schools throughout the unit.

○ Miller shared the Horticulture and Master Gardener/Master Naturalist report submitted by Horticulture Educator, Jennifer Fishburn. She highlighted the Pollinator Pocket Garden program and activities they were doing in conjunction with the State Fairgrounds, Lincoln Memorial Gardens and the Henson Robinson Zoo.

○ Miller gave an Ag and Natural Resource Report discussing recent programs, including a grazing operations farm tour and also shared information for an upcoming soil and water management webinar to be held at the Logan County office which will offer CCA credits.

○ Miller also shared that Extension is now using the "Block I" logo. This change was done so that all parts of the University would be under the same logo.

○ Sangamon County 4-H Program Coordinator, Kathryn Long, gave a report on 4-H activities. She highlighted the numerous fair activities and also discussed 4-H week coming in October, which opens the start of the new 4-H year.

● Miller explained the new PEARS reporting system which staff will use to report their program activities. The new system focuses more on the impact programs are having rather than just on numbers. It also puts the emphasis on assessing community needs, identifying societal concerns, and establishing standards to evaluate if goals are being met. With the PEARS system planning begins with the end goal in mind. Allowing Extension to do the best it can with the resources available.

● Miller discussed the Open Meetings Act online training requirement for all councilmembers. Miller presented information about how to access the online training and explained that all councilmembers must complete the training. She requested that they print out and send their completion certificate to the Extension office for recording.

● Future Meetings

○ The council discussed possible dates for next three meetings

■ The board tentatively scheduled them for the 4th week, every three months.

■ The next meeting was scheduled for January 8, the March date was yet to be determined, as well as the June meeting, with a new council cycle beginning in September.

■ The January location was yet to be determined, however Miller would look into having it at a restaurant in the Lincoln area and the rotate the meetings between each county.

● Letterly made a motion to adjourn, Buckles 2nd the motion, and the motion was unanimous approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.