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Extension Meetings

August, 2010 Extension Council Minutes

Thursday August 26, 2010 • 7:00 PM

This meeting has passed.


Logan County Extension Council


7:00 p.m.

Extension Office Meeting Room

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Adams. Members present were Adams, Baldin, Duckworth, Furman, Hoerbert, Irwin, Marten, Stoll, C.A. Tibbs, and Wilhite. Absent were Ahrends, Ireland, Litherland, S. Tibbs, and Zimmer.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as printed on a motion by Marten/Irwin.

Fulton gave the financial report focusing on year end (June 30). A copy of the Trust account was distributed to everyone. Highlighted were the incomes, with all received. There was an excess in the Extension Council line, which will be matched next year since it was turned in that way, and a small shortfall in the County Board amount which will simply be lost. Expenses were below projections, and the end shortfall was about $20,000 due to match coming after the first of the fiscal year, or about $7000 if the revolving account balance is taken into account. The report will be placed on file for audit.

There were no advisory committee reports.

Old business: Officers for the year were elected at the June meeting. Adams – Chair, C.A. Tibbs – V.C., Irwin-Secretary/Treasurer. Adams and Fulton reported on the County Board request for the next year, which was made this morning. Extension requested $105,500, representing a $2500 increase from last year. The PTELL limit was 2.7%, and this request comes in at about 2.4%. The finance committee voted to place this amount in the working budget. There were questions asked about the status of the office in the county, with the meaning being no office – no funding. Fulton explained to them the reorganization is in progress, with no definite answers on offices at this time, but there will be a presence in the county. The reorganization will not fully take effect until July 1, 2011. A discussion took place on the "hub" and "satellite" designations for offices in the combined county unit. Comments focused on keeping a full-service office in Lincoln, because we could essentially afford it. There would be the possibility of some reduced hours, but the perception would be better if daily hours were reduced rather than the number of days the office was open. These will be items for further discussion as the reorganization continues. It was passed on a motion by Hoerbert/C.A. Tibbs to designate Sangamon County as the hub and Logan and Menard as satellites, to meet the language of the reorganization materials.

New business: Fulton covered the new purchasing rules for the state. They essentially say you have to pay for things as you get them, or have a pre-approved business or individual. This means we will cancel all local charge accounts where we can charge and pay a bill at the end of the month. The bank signature card was discussed. The bank did not want to issue a signature card since there were no changes. The approved signatures remain Fulton, Irwin, and Adams, with two signatures required on checks. Fulton relayed that Joan Neal would be out of the office until the end of September for surgery and recovery. He has hired Ellen Standish, retired Springfield Center secretary, as an extra help person to work two to three days most weeks while Neal is gone.

Future meeting dates scheduled are 11/18/10, 1/27/11, 6/9/11, and 8/25/11. There may be additional meetings, or changes, due to the reorganization.

The meeting was adjourned to the audit on a motion by Irwin/Furman.