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Master Naturalist Application - 2018

Please complete this application to be considered for the Illinois Master Naturalist classes for residents of DuPage, Kane and Kendall Counties. Classes are scheduled for Wednesdays from 6-9 pm, August 22 through October 24, 2018 at the Kendall Extension office in Yorkville. Please fill out this application carefully; we anticipate that there will be more applicants than seats available. Applicants will be selected based on their willingness to volunteer and participate in the program beyond the required certification period. You will be informed by email if you have been accepted into the program, payment instructions will be given at that time. The fee for accepted applicants is $300, participants receive a full color manual and most future continuing education classes at the Extension office are free of charge. Contact Sarah Fellerer at 630-553-5823 if you would like a paper copy of this application form mailed.

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Extension strives to make it's programming available and accessible to everyone. Because we receive federal funding we must report the race and ethnicity of program participants.

The Illinois Master Naturalist program is a training and volunteer program. After successfully completing the training and 60 hours of volunteer service, you will be certified as an Illinois Master Naturalist. Please tell us what projects interest you.


What is your background as it relates to the natural world?


*Briefly explain why you want to become an Illinois Master Naturalist.

*Please list organizations you currently volunteer for or have volunteered with in the past. (Clubs, schools, park districts, forest preserves, etc.) Also state your role.

*Describe your present and previous work experience. Please list employer, job title and number of years.

*Are you available for classroom training on Wednesday evenings, 6-9 pm, beginning August 22 through October 24, 2018? Classes will be held at the U of I Extension office in Yorkville.

If you answered 'no' to the previous question, please explain briefly what dates will be missed.

*I understand that I will be asked to commit to 60 hours of volunteer service in the the next two years. To remain a Certified Master Naturalist I will be asked to volunteer 30 hours per year and take 10 hours of continuing education each year.

*In an average month, how many hours do you think you might be able to devote to volunteer activities.


Have you had any previous affiliations with the University of Illinois and/or Extension? Please explain.

Do you have any special skills that may be of interest to the Master Naturalist program?

*Master Naturalists are asked to keep track of their hours and submit them online on a regular basis. It is important for Extension to keep track of the hours because much of our funding is dependent on the numbers we report to the state and county. Are you willing to keep track of your hours?

Comments, questions, or special ADA requests:
You will receive an email letting you know if you are accepted into the program by June 30, 2018. If you are accepted the email will have a link that will take you to our website to register and pay. All volunteers will are required to have background checks form the Illinois State Police and DCFS.

*Indicates questions that require an answer.