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Cook County South Suburban Master Gardeners - Request a Speakers Bureau Program

University of Illinois Extension provides speakers on a wide range of gardening topics through our Cook County South Suburban Master Gardener program listed below. If you would like to request a program for your Cook County South or Southwest organization, please complete this form indicating your program preferences. All groups requesting talks should have a minimum audience of 15 people. Requests need to be made at least 6 weeks in advance in order to coordinate our volunteer' schedules. Donations are greatly appreciated. Donations run $50 to $150 depending on how much the organization can afford. Young organizations just getting started for instance are subsidized by more established and well financed ones. That way we can serve everyone. Please make out your check to University of Illinois Extension. ***DUE TO A HIGH VOLUME OF SPEAKERS BUREAU REQUESTS, PLEASE MAKE YOUR REQUEST AT LEAST TEN WEEKS IN ADVANCE OF DATE OF POSSIBLE PROGRAM. TO BETTER ACCOMMODATE ALL GROUPS, WE MAY LIMIT EACH GROUP TO TWO TALKS PER CALENDAR YEAR. THANK YOU. **Please note Extension Staff cannot sign any contracts.

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1. BODYSMART GARDENING - Learn how to protect yourself from injury while gardening. BodySmart Gardening involves the tools we use and how we use those tools. It also addresses things within our control – skin health and the prevention of muscle aches and strains.
2. BLOOMIN’ BULBS - Spring bulbs are an important addition to any landscape or garden. Because of the wide variation in flowering time among different bulbs, they will add color to the landscape from January until June and beyond.
3. BUTTERFLY GARDENS GALORE - Find out the basic needs of common Illinois butterflies so you can design butterfly friendly gardens. We’ll also show you which plants will attract these “flowers of the air.”
4. CONTAINER GARDEN SECRETS - Whether you live in an apartment, condo, town home or single family home, you probably have the space for the color and interest of container gardens, one of the hottest trends in gardening. Includes container selection, plant selection, simple design considerations, the proper planting and maintenance to help ensure success.
5. HERB GARDENING -Throughout human history, herbs have been used as flavorings, medicines, decorations, scents, and protective garden plants. Herbs delight the senses whether you choose to cook and craft with them or just enjoy them as fine fragrant flora.
6. FALL IN THE GARDEN - What to do and when to do it for lawn and landscaping care and cleanup.
7. BASIC VEGETABLE GARDENING - Vegetable gardening isn’t difficult or complicated. We present tips to make your landscape work for you. Creating a partly edible, partly ornamental garden is an idea whose time has come. You can grow fresh wholesome food in a small space, with just a little time. Beat the weeds, skip the pesticides. Learn how.
8. PRUNING TREES AND SHRUBS - Correctly train young trees and shrubs when they are still small to prevent the need for more expensive, dangerous pruning on older and larger trees. Learn how to prune a tree away from your home or other obstructions without harming the tree. Even if you are planning on hiring someone to prune a large tree, you need to understand the basics of pruning to make sure you hire someone who knows what they are doing.
9. ROSES - Have you dreamed about beautiful roses and never been able to make that dream a reality? The Roses program will look at the many types of roses available today, how to select the right one, the proper way to plant and care for roses, and some of the pests that may be encountered in the rose garden.
10. SHADE GARDENING - There are many plants that thrive with little direct sunlight. Learn about perennials, grasses, shrubs and ground covers that can brighten up those shady areas in your garden.
11. WORM COMPOSTING - Worm composting is a fun way to make fertilizer from food scraps! It is excellent for small spaces and kids love it. It is easy to do, but takes a little more effort than basic composting. We will demonstrate how its done for your group.
12. NATIVE PLANTS - When you incorporate native plants in your home landscape, you achieve beauty and provide habitat for native pollinators and wildlife.
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