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Find a Local Medicine Collection Event or Program

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant’s (IISG) Pollution Prevention Team is continually working with individuals, communities, and local governments to make the disposal of your unused, expired, or unwanted medicines convenient and safe.

Since 2007, IISG has helped set up more than 70 new take-back programs, including more than 40 permanent take-back sites, collecting over 55 tons of unwanted medicines at collection events/locations in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

To find a medicine take-back program near you, please click on your state in the map, or visit one of the links below for a national search.

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Follow the links below to find service near you.

Earth 911
The Drug Takeback Network
Dispose My Meds
DEA Take Back Day

While a list of acceptable items at one-day collection events might differ, here is a list of accepted and unaccepted items at permanent collection boxes supported by IISG.

Accepted Items
Prescription medications (including controlled substances)
All over-the-counter medications
Pet medications
Vitamins & Supplements
Medicated ointments, lotions, creams, oils
Liquid medication in leak-proof containers

Items NOT Accepted
Personal care products
Syringes with needles
Empty containers
Hydrogen Peroxide
IV Bags
Aerosol cans
Bloody or infectious waste
Full inhalers
Chemotherapy drugs

Mail-back Options
Some pharmacies sell mail-back envelopes. Check with your local pharmacy for availability.

Starting a Program
Is your community considering starting a medicine collection program? The Disposal of Unwanted Medicines Toolkit can help. Or better yet, contact Sarah Zack (217-300-4076) to help walk you through what it takes to launch and sustain a take-back program.

Best Management Practices for Pharmaceutical Disposal in Veterinary Clinics
The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) provides veterinarians and other veterinary professionals with a wealth of resources and best management practices to help them properly dispose of unused pharmaceuticals, including controlled substances, or hazardous waste. Go to for more information.

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