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Rx for Action

A blog devoted to helping people find local medicine take-back programs and highlighting current research findings and pending legislation.

Russ Miget

PPCP workshop for educators held in Corpus Christi

On June 14 th , 10 educators attended a workshop in Corpus Christi, TX to learn about PPCP's in the environment. The educators were a mix of both formal classroom teachers from area school districts and informal educators from the Texas Master Naturalist Program . We discussed bas...

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Posted by Laura Kammin at 8:00AM on 6/26/2013
Categories: For Teachers Workshops & Events

Chemicals in personal care products found in Chicago's air

Looking for traces of personal care products in the air isn't something that would occur to most of us, but it is all in a days work for researchers from the University of Iowa. In a recent study of air quality in Chicago, Cedar Rapids, and West Branch, Keri Hornbuckle and her colleagues found high concentrations of...

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Posted by Laura Kammin at 12:18PM on 6/25/2013
Categories: In the News Latest Research

Breaking news: King County in Washington passes drug take-back legislation

Today has brought a big update on the proposed legislation in California and Washington we told you about yesterday that would require drug manufacturers to pay for med...

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Posted by Laura Kammin at 11:21AM on 6/21/2013
Categories: Collection Programs In the News Legislation

Lawmakers move forward with medicine take-back legislation despite ongoing lawsuit

At the same time one of its counties is battling a lawsuit over the constitutionality of requiring pharmaceutical manufacturers to pay for drug take-back programs, the California legislature is considering making the practice a state-wide policy....

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Posted by Laura Kammin at 10:19AM on 6/20/2013
Categories: Collection Programs In the News Legislation

Floods of PPCPs in combined sewer overflows

The old adage "dilution is the solution to pollution" doesn't appear to hold up for pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs). A new study out of the Universidade da Coru n a in Spain has found that PPCP levels increase in streams receiving combined sewer overflows (CSOs) during wet weather. Comb...

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Posted by Laura Kammin at 9:18AM on 6/13/2013
Categories: Latest Research

Fish on Prozac: Anxious, anti-social, aggressive

Be sure to check out this article written by Brian Bienkowski, Staff Writer at Environmental Health News, on research conducted by Rebecca Klaper . "When fish swim in waters tainted with antidepressant drugs, they become anxious, anti-social and sometimes even homicidal. New research has found that the pharmaceuticals, which...

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Posted by Laura Kammin at 11:38AM on 6/12/2013
Categories: In the News Latest Research