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Rx for Action

A blog devoted to helping people find local medicine take-back programs and highlighting current research findings and pending legislation.

Triclosan drives bacterial resistance in freshwater streams

Triclosan, a compound common in soaps, detergents, and even plastics, is designed to kill bacteria, but it may also be driving the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in rivers and streams. This finding, published earlier this summer in Environmental Science & Technology , is just the latest in a growing list showi...

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Posted by Anjanette Riley at 2:00AM on 9/26/2013
Categories: Latest Research

Chicago adds more drug take-back locations

Great news to report. The Chicago Police Department has expanded their medicine drop-box program. Residents of Chicago can find a list of drop-box locations at: . For more information, contact Te...

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Posted by Laura Kammin at 11:12AM on 9/23/2013
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Researchers find 32 PPCPs in Lake Michigan

A new study found 32 pharmaceuticals and personal care products in Lake Michigan off the shores of Milwaukee. Prescription drugs are contaminating Lake Michigan two miles from Milwaukee's sewage outfalls, suggesting that the lake is not diluting the compounds...

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Posted by Laura Kammin at 9:55AM on 9/5/2013
Categories: In the News Latest Research

600600p715EDNmain46Southern California caught English sole with tumors USC

The fingerprints of endocrine disruption

One of NOAA Sea Grant's current Featured Stories covers the science behind tracking down elusive endocrine disrupting chemicals in the environment. The Fingerprints of Endocrine Disruption , written by C...

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Posted by Laura Kammin at 3:59PM on 9/4/2013
Categories: In the News Latest Research