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Rx for Action

A blog devoted to helping people find local medicine take-back programs and highlighting current research findings and pending legislation.

What's new in unwanted medicine legislation?

There has been some movement in state houses throughout the country since our last update on pharmaceutical legislation. Most of the bills we showcased last year are st...

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Posted by Anjanette Riley at 10:16AM on 1/29/2014
Categories: Legislation


Great Lakes hold great potential for curing diseases

The cure for some of the world's deadliest diseases may be living at the bottom of the Great Lakes. This is the theory Brian Murphy, a medicinal chemist at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), set out to test in 2012 when he scoured Lake Huron in search of a largely unexplored type of bacteria that...

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Posted by Laura Kammin at 8:30AM on 1/27/2014
Categories: In the News Latest Research Resources

Fate of pharmaceuticals is a complicated tale

You may have heard that wastewater treatment plants can't remove all or even most of the pharmaceutical chemicals that pass through it, leaving trace amounts to flow into our rivers and lakes. And this is true. But it is also false. The real answer to the question of how well these plants remove pharmaceutical pollution is, "It depends." A new study published in...

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Posted by Anjanette Riley at 3:47PM on 1/21/2014
Categories: Latest Research

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UpClose with Rebecca Klaper

What better way to start the New Year than with a new edition of UpClose ? In this issue, Dr. Rebecca Klaper talks about what happens at the cellular level when aquatic species are exposed to pharmaceuticals and how scientists and policy makers use that information to assess the risks of these chemicals. As the director of the Univer...

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Posted by Anjanette Riley at 8:00AM on 1/14/2014
Categories: Latest Research Resources