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Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant and University of Illinois Extension

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Rx for Action

A blog devoted to helping people find local medicine take-back programs and highlighting current research findings and pending legislation.

Marsh Pharmacy announces Spring 2014 Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet event

From Marsh Pharmacy: Marsh and MainStreet Pharmacies will be collecting and qualifying unwanted medications for FREE disposal on: Friday, March 14 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday, March 15 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday, March 16 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mon...

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Posted by Laura Kammin at 3:00PM on 2/28/2014
Categories: Collection Programs In the News Single-day Events

Illinois Water Resources Center Annual Small Grant: Student Research Awards Application Deadline: 14 March 2014

The Illinois Water Resources Center , located at the University of Illinois, is now accep...

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Posted by Laura Kammin at 8:30AM on 2/26/2014
Categories: Latest Research Resources

Wisconsin Drug Disposal Bill passes the Senate

There's an important update to what's new in unwanted medicine legislation . On February 18, the Senate passed the Wisconsin Drug Disposal Bill (...

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Posted by Laura Kammin at 12:01PM on 2/25/2014
Categories: Collection Programs In the News Legislation

EPA requests input on hazardous waste management in the retail sector

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking data from large retailers regarding the management of hazardous waste, including pharmaceuticals. The agency seeks comment on existing data on amount of hazardous waste the retail industry generates, and suggestions for improving hazardous waste regulations for retail operatio...

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Posted by Laura Kammin at 2:46PM on 2/24/2014
Categories: In the News

All aboard for a week-long teacher research cruise on Lake Erie

Teachers and non-formal educators can trade in their whiteboards and textbooks for life vests and sampling equipment this summer during a week-long workshop aboard the EPA research vessel Lake Guardian . The Shipboard and Shoreline Science workshop, held from July 7-13, will give teachers grades 4-12 a unique opportunity to work alongside scientists as they conduct field research across...

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Posted by Laura Kammin at 9:11AM on 2/21/2014
Categories: For Teachers Workshops & Events

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IISG plants outreach seeds at Indiana veterinary conference

Last week's trip to Indianapolis for the annual Indiana Veterinary Medical Association conference was not a typical event for IISG. The three-day conference gave Laura Kammin a unique opportunity to talk with students before they begin their careers as veterinarians or veterinary technicians about the importance of properly disposing of unwanted medication. "It's becoming a rarity for m...

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Posted by Laura Kammin at 9:21AM on 2/7/2014
Categories: Workshops & Events

What's new in personal care product legislation?

Last week , we showcased a few unwanted medicine laws passed last year and gave you a peek into what's on deck for this year. Along with these pharmaceutical bills, the...

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Posted by Anjanette Riley at 1:57PM on 2/5/2014
Categories: Legislation

University of Wisconsin Extension launches new resources for reducing pharmaceutical waste

The University of Wisconsin Extension has assembled a new resource, "Pharmaceuticals," on its website. Check it out at:...

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Posted by Laura Kammin at 8:00AM on 2/3/2014
Categories: In the News Resources