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Community Spotlight Shines on the Village of Argenta

Community Spotlight: Argenta Village Hall (initiated by Macon County Sheriff’s Office)

Box Installed: March 3, 2015

Box Location: 330 North Warren Street, Argenta, IL (accessible during business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:30-5p)

For more information: (217) 425-4505


Just this month, the Village of Argenta became home to the third permanent medicine take-back box that Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant has assisted in starting in Macon County (the fourth box is located at the Decatur Police Department).  For this edition of Community Spotlight, we spoke to Mayor Cindy Luedke and Treasurer Sherry Koszesza to find out how the program got started, and the impact it’s having so far.


Congratulations go out (once again) to Macon County on the installation of their fourth permanent prescription take-back box in Argenta. How did you learn about safe medicine disposal, and how did this initiative come about for the Village of Argenta?

Our deputy through Macon County Sheriff’s Office mentioned the Sheriffs Department’s involvement with this.  He suggested that we might be interested in putting one in our village hall. We thought that would be a good service to provide for our residents.


Why do you think this is an important issue?

This provides an easy, safe, efficient way to dispose of prescription drugs. I’m fairly sure people were flushing them down the toilet or just throwing them in their trash so hopefully access to this box will stop that.


This is the fourth permanent take-back box to be opened in Macon County. How will this additional box help?

This will help by giving residents a convenient place to dispose of their old or leftover prescription drugs.


This particular box has been available about a week (at the time of this Q&A), what has been the response so far?  What are people saying about the take-back boxes in the community?

We have had items dropped off. People are also talking about having drugs at home they need to bring in.


Do you have any words of advice to a community considering installing a permanent medicine take-back box?

It is an easy, painless service which can be provided to residents of a community.


Thank you, Village of Argenta, for providing such a valuable service to your residents! The collection box is located in the lobby of the Argenta Village Hall and is accessible during regular business hours from 8:30a.m – 5:00p.m, Monday – Friday.


If you have any questions about prescription drug take-back programs, or if you’re interested in getting a program started in your community, feel free to contact our Pollution Prevention Program Specialist Laura Kammin.



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