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In the News #5: IISG Pollution Prevention-related Articles and Research

There's been a lot going on in the news lately regarding PPCPs and Marine Debris. For our work with communities, some of the biggest news this week was the DEA's announcement that they plan to host another National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day in September.

But here's some of the other summer news you may have missed.

Human Behavior

The Problem with Earth Day? Human Psychology (via The Washington Post)

PPCPs and Emerging Contaminants

Scientists Warn of Hormone Impacts from Benzene, Xylene, Other Common Solvents
(via Environmental Health News)

Invasive Species Reintroduce Toxic Chemicals to Green Bay Food Web (via Great Lakes Echo)
RELATED RESEARCH: PCBs Refocused: Correlation of PCB Concentrations in Green Bay Legacy Sediments with Adjacent Lithophilic, Invasive Biota (via Journal of Great Lakes Research)

Group Hopes Recycled Hotel Soap Helps Save Lives Worldwide (via The Seattle Times)

Marine Debris

Plastics Choking Animals Target in G-7 Clean-Ocean Push (via Bloomberg Business)

Adidas to Use Marine Plastic Waste in Products from 2016 (via Reuters)

Attorney General's Study Reports 'Microbead' Pollution is Pervasive in State Waterways (via The Buffalo News)

The World's Most Polluted Bird Hails From Vancouver (via The Atlantic CITYLAB)

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Posted by Erin Knowles at 8:30AM on 7/23/2015
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