Pumpkins - Illinois Vegetable Garden Guide - University of Illinois Extension


pumpkin vine

Pumpkins require a great deal of space and are recommended only for larger gardens. However, to conserve space they can be planted where early corn is growing; the early corn will mature before the pumpkins need much room.

Diseases and cultural practices are much the same as for cucumbers and muskmelons except that pumpkin plants are spaced farther apart. The main insect enemies of pumpkins are the same as those of squash.


Allow fruits to mature on the vine but harvest them with the stems attached before the first severe freeze. Pumpkins for storage should be handled with great care to avoid cuts and bruises that permit the entrance of decay organisms. Store in a dry room where temperatures are about 55° to 65° F.

Crop Amount for 100
ft of row
Variety recommended for use in Illinois Days to harvest Resistant to
Pumpkins (seed) 1 ounce Small - 2-5 pounds 100 to 110 days to harvest
Baby Bear
Small Sugar
Intermediate - 8 to 15 pounds
Autumn Gold
Large - 15 to 15 pounds
Big Autumn
Big Tom
Connecticut Field
Howden Field
Jumpin' Jack
Pankow's Field
Vegetable Hardiness Recommended planting period for central Illinois (b) Time to grow from seed to field (c)
For  overall
Pumpkin Very tender May 20-June 10 June 10
Vegetable Spacing in row
Seed to sow per foot Distance between plants when thinned or transplanted Distance between rows Planting depth
inches inches inches
Pumpkin 1-2 in row
4-5 per hill
24-36, single plants
72, hills (3 plants per hill)
84-120 1