Radishes - Illinois Vegetable Garden Guide - University of Illinois Extension



Radishes are generally a spring crop in Illinois because they do best in cool weather; however, some varieties can be planted for summer use and winter storage. Pull radishes when they become of usable size, before they become pithy and too hot.

Crop Amount for 100
ft of row
Variety recommended for use in Illinois Days to harvest Resistant to
Radishes (seed) 1 ounce Burpee White 23
Champion 28
Cherry Belle 22
Early Scarlet Globe 23
Easter Egg 25
Vegetable Hardiness Recommended planting period for central Illinois (b) Time to grow from seed to field (c)
For  overall
Radish, spring Half-hardy Apr. 5.-June 1
Aug. 20-30
Radish, winter Half-hardy Aug. 1-15 Aug. 10
Vegetable Spacing in row
Seed to sow per foot Distance between plants when thinned or transplanted Distance between rows Planting depth
inches inches inches
Radish, spring 10-15 1 12-18 ½
Radish, winter 10-15 2-4 12-18 ½