Step 8 - Control Pests - Illinois Vegetable Garden Guide - University of Illinois Extension

Step 8 - Control Pests

bean beetle damage

Insects and diseases can cause much damage to your crops if precautions are not taken before these pests arrive in your garden.

  1. Select disease-resistant varieties (see Table 1).
  2. Use only disease-free plants and seed.
  3. If possible, buy treated seed.
  4. Sow thinly and plant at proper distances (see Table 2).
  5. Keep down weeds in and around the garden (see Step 7).
  6. Provide good drainage.
  7. Stay out of the garden when plants are wet.
  8. If pests become serious, check with your local extension office or garden center for identification and control of the problem
  9. Rotate crops. Do not plant the same vegetable in the same location the following year.