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University of Illinois Extension

Health and Safety

Protect Your Family and Yourself from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Tips on preventing carbon monoxide poisoning.

Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning after an Emergency
Tips on preventing carbon monoxide poisoning after a winter storm

Cold Weather Increases Carbon Monoxide Hazards from Cars
Avoid poisoning from car fumes

Staying Healthy in Extreme Cold
Tips to prevent frostbite and hypothermia.

Extreme Cold
A prevention guide to promote your personal health and safety during cold weather

Sledding Safety
Simple Safety Rules for Sledding

How to Reduce the Risk of Injury from Skiing
Eight Steps to Safer Skiing

Snow Blower Safety
Tips on reducing snow blower injuries.

Snow Shoveling Safety
Tips to make your shoveling safe

Have Snow Shovel, Will Travel
History of snow removal in United States