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Understanding Winter Storms

The Science Behind Lake-Effect Snow
Lake-Effect snow is most common from November to February.

Explanation of what is a blizzard.

Great Plains Storms
Winter weather caused by a "blue norther."

Ice Storms
Winter storm of the southern United States.

Facts about this strong New England storm.

Mountain Storms
Winter storms from upsloping.

Snow storm caused by warm, moist air moving over cold air.

Pacific Coast Storms
How Pacific winter storms form.

Chicago Snowstorms
Snowstorm of the century in 1967

Blizzard of 1978
Blizzard paralyzed most of east coast of United States

Chicago Blizzard 2011 Photos
Photos from around the city during the 2011 Blizzard

Blizzard & Snowstorm Photos
Pictures of major snowstorms in United States