Mammals in the Woods
Profiles of mammals found in the woods of Wisconsin.

The Electronic Zoo
A huge database of animal resources.

Information on the birds, mammals and amphibians of Latin America

NatureServe Explorer
Information on 50,000 plants and animals of the United States and Canada.

National Image Library
Thousands of wildlife images available from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Follow the Tracks
Learn to identify different types of tracks.

Natural Resources, the Environment and Ecosystems
Activities for teachers to help their students become more aware of how plants, animals and humans interact with ecosystems.

Animals Past and Present
Lessons for elementary students about what happened to dinosaurs 65 million years ago, 10 million years ago and today.

Snug in the Snow
Explanation of hibernation.

Wild Illinois History
Visit this site full of history, games, and educational resources by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.


Learn how to identify birds from their feathers.

Making a Nest Like the Magpies
Learn how birds make nests.

Illinois Birds
A listing of Illinois birds with images and life history.

Bird Facts
Profiles of the birds of Wisconsin.

Audubon Bird Links
Great links to bird information from the National Audubon Society.

All about Birds
Wonderful site from Cornell University with an online Bird Guide, a video gallery of birds and information on attracting and feeding birds.

Wild about Birds
A guide to Illinois birding.

National Bird-feeding Society
Learn how to attract and feed birds in your backyard.

Insects and Bugs

Lets Talk About Insects
Learn about the benefits of insects, their anatomy and what makes an insect an insect.

Nature Center Lessons
Nature lessons to introduce kids to the great outdoors.

Adopt an Insect Lessons
Hands on lessons to familiarize students with insects. Lessons include the Insect Scavenger Hunt, Insect Mania, Insect Puzzle and Mega-beast.

Insect Introduction
Students will make an informational bug poster.

Insects: Observing a Cricket
Students will observe a cricket and learn its body parts.

Spiders Spin a Web
Students will learn how spiders spin webs.

Trees and Flowers

Exploring the Secret Lives of Trees
Learn about the parts of a tree and why trees are important to us.

Trees Are Terrific!
Learn all about how trees are important to us.

Tree ID Key
Identify trees in the woods or your backyard.

Kids for Trees
Student's and Teacher's Guide to trees.

My Life as a Tree

Learn the parts of a tree and their function.

Selecting Trees for your Home
A database of trees.

UI Plants
A database on woody plant identification, culture and usage for the Midwest.

Shapes in Nature

Learn about the many different shapes in nature using a digital camera to take pictures of trees and shrubs.

Seed Walk
Students will collect seeds and sort according to similarities and differences.

Celebrating Wildflowers
Select from more than 300 line drawings of wildflowers.

Celebrating Wildflowers Coloring Books
Color wildflowers and display on the web.

The Wildflower Center
Wildflower plant information and images.