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Extension Educator, Horticulture
DuPage/Kane/Kendall Unit
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Question Title Date
Lawn evaluations from Lynn Eikenbary 04/12/17
Shade Problems from Lynn Eikenbary 04/12/17
New grass from Zackary Hammonds (1) Reply. 09/22/16
problems from tom goodman (1) Reply. 08/30/16
New Lawn Seeds from Alan Rucker (1) Reply. 08/23/16
Dormant lawn from Larry Newton (1) Reply. 08/14/16
dying zoysia lawn from FREDERICK O'NEILL 07/22/16
Yellow grass from Gail Miller (9) Replies. 06/23/16
Yellow grass from Gail Miller 06/23/16
Circles around trees from Waveland L McCabe Jr (1) Reply. 06/12/16
fairy rings from Chris Tidrick 04/29/16
fairy rings from Chris Tidrick 04/29/16
Shady Lawn from Steve Turner 04/18/16
New lawn from John Tanner 03/25/16
compacted soil from Christinia G 03/20/16
Sulfur from Brent Schmitz 03/14/16
Lawn depression from Janis Jasper (1) Reply. 11/05/15
Grass pulls up easily from Brenda Rizzo (1) Reply. 10/28/15
Creeping Charlie Near Vegetable Garden from C Clark (1) Reply. 10/28/15
overseed from Jane Smith (1) Reply. 10/08/15
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