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Brown patch fungus

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From: Darold Engel
East Peoria, IL
I have had severe problems with brown patch fungus (Rhizoctonia species) the past two years. It killed almost 2/3 of my whole lawn last year and had to be reseeded. That cost me almost $700 for 200 pounds of new hybred perannial ryegrass seed. The fungus always crops up when the weather gets hot and humid. I only fertilize once in early Spring, which includes a pre-emergent, and once in the Fall in early October. Mach-3 insecticide is put down the middle of June for insect control for the entire growing season. I have also limed the lawn to keep the Ph neutral when necessary. I have had to put "High Yield" brand fungicide down twice this season, once in June and again now in early August, to stop the fungus. This is the only time I have watered the lawn to water-in the fungicide. I have learned that watering only spreads the fungus and makes the problem worse. Isn't there anything that I can treat the lawn with that will kill the spores and get rid of this fungus once and for all?? I'm at wits end!!

Extension Message
From: Greg Stack
Extension Horticulturist
Extension Web Development

You are not going to put down something that eliminates the spores once and for all. with fungal diseases you have to treat when disease starts or if conditions are right. Using resistant varieties of grass also help.

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