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From: Demetria Thompson
Houston, TX
What brings about nats In your home? And what can a person do to get them out?

Extension Message
From: Greg Stack
Extension Horticulturist
Extension Web Development
Hi, There are a lot of insects that are in the "gnat" category. Gnats could be the result of over ripe fruit, they can be coming from the soil of indoor houseplants that are being kept too moist and the insect is living on decaying organic matter in the soil these are called fungus gnats, they can associated with drains that drain poor or are clogged with decaying material in this case these are drain flies. In any case you need to look around and determine where the origin is. They are often associated with areas that have high moisture content so if yo can dry out potting soils, clean up drains (floor drains etc) or remove fruit that will do the most in keeping them to a minimum.

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