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From: Beverly Bredemeyer
Forsyth, MO
DITO--I puchased one a few weeks ago and it was lovely. Now buds are dying and I am not sure what to do. They say it is a new plant, but how to continue it's care--I'm not sure. Any help would be appreciated.

From: Shelley Van De Voort
Aurora, IL
What is the preferred temperature range for a calandiva?

From: Wendy Lichtig
tinton falls, NJ
I purchase a few of these guys already in full bloom. the tag said they can be used for landscaping so I popped them in the ground next to some sedum figuring neither need alot of water. I live in zone 7. What are the chances these guys are going to make it through the summer?

From: Natasha Janse van Rensburg
Johannnesburg, ZZ
Good day my Calandiva received to much sun and it looks like it got burned, the flowers is wilted and the stem is black, how can I save my plant, this was through trail and error..... It still makes Buds and new flowers want to come out. Please can you help....

From: maria vila
aberdeen, ID
My flatmate left me her calandiva, but she did not cut the plant after blooming, so it has not bloomed for two years. The plant has though grown a lot, and the branches are so heavy that they have bent down. It is actually vry nice, but I was wondering if such long branches will damage the plant. Thanks

From: Luncia Rocsmith
Winnipeg, ZZ
My Calandiva seems to have bloomed already, but now it's wilting in the flowers. I really don't know what to do. Do I snip off the wilted blossoms at the base of the blossom, do I trim the whole stem it is connected to? I only water it once a week until it is a little damp. It's in a 6" pot. Also, do these flowers wilt after every bloom cycle? How do we know when the bloom cycle is done?

From: Halle Amick
Durham, NC
My calandiva's blooms are very droopy (the leaves are fine). Does this indicate too much water, not enough, or something else? Thanks!

Extension Message
From: Richard Hentschel
Extension Educator, Horticulture
DuPage/Kane/Kendall Unit
From earlier responses to Calandiva culture, these plants need good drainage to ensure root rots do not develop, which could cause foliage problems. On the other hand, plants too dry will see leave loss to support blooms. Check the growing media and be sure the drainage is adequatte. Older plants may have circling roots, preventing proper drainage

From: Theresa Hadfield
douglassville, PA
Patience. I stumbled on this blog to see how other people treat theirs. I've had one for 4 years and it is just blooming for the first time. A little while back I asked a nursery and they recommended constant feeding, as in once a week. I only water mine about twice a week and feeding is one of the watering. I also cut mine in the summer and fall usually because it grows so fast. I have it in a window that gets sun until about noon. I think I over cut it last time because only a few areas have blooms. Hopefully next year I will get more flowers.

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