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tree worms

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From: Wally Froh
Plymouth, WI
HI I have had a problem this year with worms making a web in my fruit trees and killing the branches. I don't know what kind of worm this is but do you think these worms could kill the tree. I have seen these webs on other trees also this year. I have been living in this area for four years know and never had this problem before. I sprayed the trees when the fruit started to grow. what action could i take to get rid of these worms. THANKS Wally

Extension Message
From: Greg Stack
Extension Horticulturist
Extension Web Development

If the webs are toward the outside of the limb they are fall web worms if they are in the crotches of the tree they are tent caterpillers. Either way they will eat leaves as they make bigger webs. They won't outright kill the tree only eat leaves and may eventually weaken the tree. Spraying early is good but it doesn't do much for these. Need to apply sprays as they appear. Can us Bacillus or Sevin and is best if the tents are small and the caterpillers are small for best control. If the webs are on the outer portions of the branch you can physically cut the webs out and destroy them. Cut the webs during the evening hours because the caterpillers go back to the web at night and you will be able to get just about all of them as they are all at home then.

From: Cyndie Bune
Eau Claire Wi , WI
Could you please tell me what kind or brand of spray to get for fall web worms?

Thanks, Cyndie Bune

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