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Pine Tree Sap

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From: Brian Koecher
Westmont, IL
Question - We have a pine tree next to and overhanging our >> deck. This year we have unfortunately become overwhelmed with >> dripping sap from its newly growing pine cones. It is simply >> destroying our patio furniture, etc. We trimmed back a few of the >> longer branches overhead but there are areas that are too high to >> reach to fully eliminate all the sources of sap. Is there anything >> that we can do to prevent or curtail this, short of hiring a >> professional tree cutter? And what do you recommend for removing >> pine sap from vinyl/cloth chairs without leaving a stain mark (we >> have tried isopropyl alcohol and Goo-Gone with marginal >> success)? Thank you so much for your time and input; it is greatly >> appreciated. >>Sincerely, >>Brian

Extension Message
From: James Schuster
Horticulturist and Plant Pathologist (Retired)
There is no way you can stop the cones frpom dripping short of removing the tree. Why needle evergreens are dripping sap from their cones this year, I can not answer. Nor can I tell you how to remove the sap from the vinyl/cloth material without discoloring it. Suggest you check your local library for a book on stain removal.

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