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No see-ums

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From: Deborah Riley
Portland, OR
My house is totally infested with no see-ums. Nothing I have done gets rid of them. Help -- they are driving me crazy! What finally gets rid of them?

Extension Message
From: Greg Stack
Extension Horticulturist
Extension Web Development

I don't know as I have a sure fire solution other than to say it is often best to try to exclude them from the interior rather that trying to spray the interior. These insects are often associated with area where there is moist soil or water areas. The insects are so small they easily pass through normal window screen material. So the first thing to do if you can is replace the window screen material with something small that normal 16ga screening. Other than using a replelant containing DEET there is not much that can be used to eliminate them from interiors without constant aerosol sprayign which is not good either.

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