Brenda Dahlfors
Program Coordinator, Horticulture
Lake/McHenry Unit
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Question Title Date
tree die-back from Ansel Wald (1) Reply. 10/02/22
Tricolored Beech fertilizing from Linda Burkhard (1) Reply. 06/09/22
inherited rain barrel from Beth Evans (1) Reply. 08/09/20
Autumn Maple issues from Stan Pederson (1) Reply. 07/30/20
Burning bushes. from Frank Amato (1) Reply. 07/21/20
Tri-color Beech tree from Lauren Henshall (1) Reply. 05/20/20
Spring Snow crab apple tree from Molly Roberts (1) Reply. 07/05/19
peeling bark from Kay Dill (1) Reply. 05/26/18
Burning bush from Alisa Lankford (1) Reply. 07/23/17
weeping willow tree from tammy kenton (1) Reply. 07/19/17
hard maple tree bark from jerry Bieker (1) Reply. 06/22/17
Brown leaf tips on river birch from Brenda Saulnier (1) Reply. 05/21/17
Crack in the Trunk of the Norwegian maple from susan maguire (1) Reply. 11/28/16
red maple splitting bark from Janice Hoelscher (1) Reply. 09/14/15
Maple tree from Janet Sorensen (1) Reply. 05/17/15
Red Maple Large Sections of Bark peeling off from Katie Gavin (1) Reply. 04/03/15
Rain Barrels from Mary Nelson (1) Reply. 10/08/14
Astilbe from Helen Davis 06/09/14
willow tree sick, please help from kristen zimmerman (1) Reply. 06/01/14
crimson maple from roger tillis (1) Reply. 11/21/13
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