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From: Pamela Parrish
De Land, IL
Hi, I am a trustee on the De Land board. I was at a meeting in Monticello lastnight where I learned that you offered "Mapping & Strategic Planning with Economic Development". We in Deland are extreamly interested in this service, we are a dieing community reaching out for help. Is there anyone who can send us information on Mapping & Strategic Planning with Economic Development? We love our little town and would like for it to stay on the map. Thanks so much, Pamela

Extension Message
From: Pamela Herriott
Office Support Associate
Champaign/Ford/Iroquois/Vermilion Unit
Yes, Extension can help keep your community viable. Nigel Austin, our Community and Economic Eevelopment Educator, worked with the Monticello community and can assist your community, also. Nigel will be in contact with you.

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