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St. Augustine Grass

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From: Frank Hutchins
Dallas, TX
I had St. Augustine Grass planted in my back yard by a landscaping company on April 29, 2008. Initially, it started out fine (getting green & growing real nice) and all of a sudden within a couple of days, it was thinning (brown). I had ChemLawn to come out and look at and they said maybe it was too much early on watering, etc?? DO NOT DO ANYTHING right now but start watering no more than 45 minutes one day a week (preferably in the AM). I was watering after 6 PM every other day for about 30 minutes and of course we had several rain showers during this time.

Could this be the problem?? I have noticed in the past when I sod back there it was the same problem. Landscape company checked for grub worms and there were NONE present.


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