Douglas B. Gucker
Extension Educator, Local Food Systems and Small Farms
DeWitt/Macon/Piatt Unit
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Piatt County

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Question Title Date
Grass Seed from Matt Keeley 08/30/11
St Augustine dying from Michael Haid 05/06/11
Japanese beetles from connie sullivan 04/24/11
training from james cox 04/23/11
herbicides from bob collimore (1) Reply. 01/31/11
Canna Generalis from Mike Stinn (1) Reply. 03/17/10
Cucumbers from Mike Stinn (1) Reply. 01/30/10
Grass Seed from WIll Durmire (1) Reply. 12/30/09
Grass Color from David Meller (1) Reply. 12/04/09
Pine Trees Dying from Dennis Freese (1) Reply. 06/15/09
Rabbits eating flowers from Liz Sumner (1) Reply. 05/13/09
new grass from Kathy Orazio (1) Reply. 10/21/08
Planting grass in fall from Dan Hamilton (1) Reply. 09/30/08
Mistery Grass killer? from Stephanie Z (1) Reply. 09/08/08
Sago Palm from Allison Lotz (1) Reply. 07/28/08
New Sod from Jim Blakely (1) Reply. 07/21/08
St Augustine grass seeding from tim murphy 06/27/08
St. Augustine Grass from Frank Hutchins 06/04/08
new lawn from tony ash 05/07/08
st augustine from steve jones 05/03/08
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