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interpreting soil test

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From: Pat Reband
Morton Grove, IL
I expected some recommendations with my soil test from AgriEnergy Resources. I recall previously (some time ago) I did get a list of recommendations with results, although I don't remember which lab I used.

My garden now includes 4 blueberry plants and I want to be sure they have a good chance to grow. I see the ph is too high but I'm not sure of the other elements. Can you offer any comments? Thanks, Greg.

Organic matter 11.2 (v. high) lbs/A Nitrate 56 P1 Phosphorus 76 (v. high) P2 Phosphorus 185 (v. high) Potassium 394 (med) Calcium 5951 (med) Magnesium 14389 Optimum-VHigh) Sodium 47 Soluble Salts 0.5 mmhos/cm Excess Lime Rt L pH 6.7 C.E.C. 23.9 meq/100g

Base Saturation desired %K 2-5% 2.3 %Mg 12-18 27.9 %Ca 65-75 69.3 %H 0-12 0.0 %Na <1.5 0.5

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