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From: Alyson conner
Washingtown, HI
Tips That Will Help You Be A Good Boss

It is a fact that people do not leave jobs, they leave managers. A recent study shows that 34% of workers leave their job because of the supervisor. For a company, retention of its qualified works is essential. Hence, good leadership is a must to make this happen. Poor leadership can downspin productivity and reduce engagement.

To figure out which makes a great leader, we talked with many executive coaches. We have made a list of things that helps you make a good boss.

Be Caring

Think of it as an employee- what you want from your boss? What we found out that people like it if their boss cares for them. Hence, it is important to understand that culture is a strategic advantage. Nobody wants to work with an incompetent boss., who does not care for the people working under his or her supervision.


Self-awareness is a really good thing as it improves social awareness. Just think of a way of being walking, talking, and relating. When you are a boss and in a conference room, it is good to walk around the table and ask everyone how they are feeling at that moment. It will help the boos to realize the emotions of the team. Furthermore, it will provide the chance to adjust the emotional temperature as necessary.

Never Micromanage

Sometimes, it feels good to control the process as it makes you feel like everything is under control. But remember being a boss does not mean you have to manage everything. It all goes to teamwork which is really important. So, communicate with your team and coach them towards the communal goals. Instead of micromanaging the process, work from the outcome and coach to that.

Talk with Your Workers

Communication is the key to being a good boss. You have to communicate with all of your employees and show them that you are transparent and vulnerable. The main reason for that is to build trust among you and your team. Furthermore, it helps build a strong relationship. Communication should not end up with performance evaluations. Instead, you should have some casual talks with them, ask them what they want to be in the career and how you can help.

Be Kind and Strategic

There are situations when you get mad at an employee. Well, it is true when they have made a mistake. But keep this fact in mind that we are human beings and there are chances of mistakes. Getting mad is right but try to be kind and strategic about the situation. Coach them and help them to fix their mistake.

Be Yourself

Never underestimate the importance of conversations. You should communicate with them and bring emotions to the workplace. You have to be yourself and should encourage the staff to do the same. It will help you more relate with them. They will surely end up saying that we have the best boss and we do not want to leave our job.

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