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Traffic Updates

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From: gwendolynwash gwendolynwash
Newyork, AK
When in the market for a GPS navigational system there are some things you should take into consideration. Price is an obvious consideration for many individuals, but before you think so much about the price you want to take in consideration what you ultimately want the item to do. You may be sacrificing some useful features/benefits that you otherwise would prefer to buy choosing a less expensive unit. So, keep your options open at least at the preliminary stages of the selection process.

Screen Size And Resolution

One of the most important factors to take in consideration when purchasing a new GPS unit is the size of the screen. You may not want to get the largest screen and you may not want to get a small screen.

The smaller screens may make it difficult to see the navigation icons and other text on the screen. The larger screens may be too big and may actually restrict your view (if mounted on the dashboard) this may potentially become dangerous and may even cause an accident. Therefore, it is imperative that you take in consideration the size of the screen not only for your viewing comfort on the unit itself but for the visibility that it may restrict if you go with the larger unit.

There's no question that a larger unit will be softer on the eyes and it will enable you to see more detail of your route. But, of course if you opt for a larger screen it will drive up the price.

One other thing to take into consideration is the resolution that the unit has. The higher the resolution the more detail and better picture quality you will get when viewing maps, photos, text, and other images ekspert

Traffic Updates

If you use your GPS unit on a day-to-day basis and especially for going back and forth to work you may find that the traffic updates feature is a very nice thing to have. The traffic updates show you which routes are the most congested therefore enabling you to plan your trip more effectively and allowing you to avoid routes with lots of traffic. Whether you're planning a trip for a vacation or using the traffic feature on a daily basis for your job this benefit may be something that you want to take in consideration.

In most cases the traffic option is an additional fee that you will have to pay for either monthly, quarterly, or annually (check with your GPS provider), so take that into consideration when deciding if this is something that you believe you would want. If you're unsure about this option then you may want to see if there is some sort of trial whereby you can test out the traffic option to see if it's something that would be useful.

Map Updates

When it comes down to it there's probably nothing more important than the maps that the unit is dependent on. You want to make sure that your GPS unit has up-to-date information (the maps), so you get to your destination quickly and with the least amount of disruptions as possible. Some units charge an annual fee for map updates. Other units boast about how their unit has map updates for life that is included in the price when you buy the device.

You definitely want to know as much as possible about the GPS unit that you are interested in and how you will be charged additionally (if applicable) for updates, additional features, etc.

Since having updated information is so important, especially on a navigational device, it is very important to know the charges that will be associated with these updates in advance so you can factor that into your price structure when you ultimately make your purchase.

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