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bird flu

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From: marilyn cearlock
hammond, IL
I have 5 chickens, that are pinned. I am not letting my children near them because I am afraid they will contract the flu before we realize they have it. I know the symptoms, I think. I have read up on web sites, WHO, and CDC and msn had a helpful timeline. We are still collecting eggs to eat. Because I have read that the flu doesn't get in their eggs or their meat. They have no symptoms but I am so worried that I have even considered getting rid of them. Regular birds, (no ducks) get in and feed out of the feeder. I am worried that with the birds going south that we will end up with it from Canada.

Do you have any thoughts, or suggestions? I don't want to over-react but don't want to just ignore what's going on.

Thanks Marilyn I can also be reached at 217-763-6282 eve 217-875-1440 #308 9-5

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