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St Augustine palmetto grass

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From: david sturgis
panama city, FL
I have bermuda patches in my st augustine grass. I believe the grass was contaminated when I purchesed the sod. What can I use to get rid of the bermuda and not destroy my st augustine?


Extension Message
From: Douglas B. Gucker
Extension Educator, Local Food Systems and Small Farms
DeWitt/Macon/Piatt Unit
David: Currently, there are no herbicides that will control Bermuda grass without killing your St. Augustine grass. Even using a Roundup herbicide will not insure successful control unless you are willing to use multiply applications. Remember that Bermuda grass can spread by stolon, rhizome and seed. Do you have a neighbor that does not mow their bermuda grass short (<1" tall) and keep it short? Bermuda grass can go to seed at very short heights and the seed can be spread great distances by a rotary lawn mower. Sorry about the bad news-

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