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From: Wendy Domann
McHenry, IL
I have a 9 year old who recently visitied the Ag. Expo. with her class and is extremely interested in joining 4-H.

She currently takes riding lessons at Valley View Stables, but does not have her own horse. She said someone at the Ag. Expo. told her she could still be in a 4-H group whose interests includes horses. My questions are as follows:

1. Is this true? 2. May we obtain information on participation? 3. I see there are no groups in McHenry, is this because there are no leaders in McHenry? If so, I would be willing to be a leader. 4. If I was to be a leader, would the group be able to still have an interest in horses, or does the leader need to have a horse?

Thank you for your assistance. We look forward to your reply.

Wendy and Sydney Domann

Extension Message
From: Katie Wagner Roberts
Extension Educator, Youth Development Special Interest (SPIN) Clubs
McHenry County Unit
Wendy~ Thank you so much for your post!

Yes, it is true that your child can take part in the horse project without actually owning her own horse.

Yes, it also true that there are no 4-H clubs in the city of McHenry because we do not have any leaders who have come forward at this time...sooooo, YES we would love to talk further with you about starting a club in McHenry. Another yes to it being possible to focus more on horses, but we do encourage clubs to have a wider project focus so as to attract not only the members interested in the project with the most interest (in this case horses), but also to attract members with additional interests.

Please call our office and talk to Cindy Harris our 4-H Community Worker about starting a club in McHenry. She can be reached at 815.338.3737

Thanks! Katie

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