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soil testing

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From: Liz Wagner
McHenry, IL
Hi, I am wondering if you do soil sample testing? I need to have my horse pastures analyzed so that I know exactly what to fertilize with this year for optimum growth. Thank you, Liz Wagner

Extension Message
From: Donald Schellhaass
County Extension Director
McHenry County Unit
Our office does not do soil testing but we do have soil testing kits available. You take your own sample and send to a lab in Wisconsin for analysis. This works well for lawns and gardens but you may want to contact Northern FS for your pasture. they have offices in Woodstock and Marengo.

From: Shandi P
Collinsville, IL
How do we request or otherwise get our hands on a soil test kit? Additionally, do you buy the test and the analysis price is included or is the kit free and we send payment with it?

From: Darien Creamer
Kenilworth, IL
I would like to get a soil kit and then have instructions where to send it for analysis. Every year my back yard gets an infestation of brown patch (also heard it called summer patch) and I'm trying to figure out how to correct the problem.

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