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Septic Systems

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From: Cynthia Hignight
Wonder Lake, IL
Hello, our house was built on a lake-side lot with its septic field under the driveway on the road-side. I would really like to blacktop, cement, or brick the existing driveway to avoid the dirt, dust, grime, as well as the chore of raking stones back onto the driveway after winter plowing. Will this hurt my septic system? Do you have a better suggestion? (There is no room to move the driveway. Our lot is pie-shaped and we have approximately 25' width at the beginning of the drive near the road. Our house is flanked by homes on each side.) Thank you for your assistance.

Extension Message
From: Donald Schellhaass
County Extension Director
McHenry County Unit
The Extension office does not give out advice on septic systems. The county health department has jurisdiction over septic systems so you would need to contact them with your question.

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